Marvel fans around the world were biting their nails for a glimpse of Spiderman’s next instalment until yesterday – when their wish finally got granted. The teaser trailer for Spiderman: Far from Home dropped showing a whole lot of epic action packed in a wrapper of teen friendship and romance along with a dash of romance.

We won’t lie, our eyes couldn’t wait to feast on Jake Gyllenhaal until finally, his character Mysterio popped up and treated us. Alas, the teaser only gave the much-anticipated villain of the year a mere six seconds of attention. Regardless of how short the scene showing the 38-year-old was, fans can’t stop raving about it.

“Can I call you daddy,” wrote a user on Twitter. Another Twitterer said, “#JakeGyllenhaal I love you man.” Comments on the trailer are proof that even non-Spiderman fans are excited for the release of Spiderman part 2, now that they have caught the Love and Other Drugs star in the movie. People have also drawn out similarities between Gyllenhaal’s characters Mysterio and Prince of Persia.

The teaser makes it seem like Mysterio is a good guy fighting off the bad dudes but perhaps he’s just creating illusions to confuse Spidey? Because Mysterio, despite how hot he looks in this movie, is supposed to be a villain. He’s been one of the big baddies in the Spiderverse since the comics came into being, after all.

If you’d like to catch more of Jake Gyllenhaal, be sure to check out the trailer of another upcoming movie of his – Velvet Buzzsaw. In this Netflix movie, the actor will be seen playing the character of an art critic who is gay. Gyllenhaal’s Velvet Buzzsaw character is named Morf Vandewalt, a man who becomes a victim of evil. We aren’t quite sure whether this movie will be a psychological thriller or a full-blown horror film. Either way, we can’t wait for Gyllenhaal to hit our screens!