December 9, 2021

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“It’s bonus time,” promises astronaut Jean-Franோois Clairvoy

“This is not the day to make a change to a six-month job.”On Sunday, November 7, French astronaut Jean-Fran்கois Clarway explained about the return of astronaut Thomas Baskett to FranceInfo, where the crew had already been postponed three times due to bad weather in Florida. This expectation “No pain” Because astronauts know something “Reasons”, According to the astronaut, these delays often occur during this type of travel, and they do not in any way compromise return procedures.

franceinfo: Getting ready to land again after a gap of more than six months. How do we overcome all these dangers?

Jean-François Clervoy: We already know it could happen. Moreover, as astronauts we are designed for this and we already know that things will not go as planned. At this stage of the work, not even one day in six months makes a difference. There is nothing to do but relax and stare at the ground, waiting for the moment when the separation action will begin.

Isn’t this wait so painful?

Waiting is painful when unknown, when unknown. However, we give them reasons to wait. We provide them with all the information about the new orbital parameters, separation and reflections in different zones. Six zones east and west of Florida are possible, so we are waiting but we know. Like you, when you are at the airport, on the train, we do not like to wait without knowing why. But once you explain why, it will always be easier to accept.

Will this wait have an impact on the body preparation associated with withdrawal?

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In fact, in the case of a long flight, it is very important to do about two hours of sports each day to keep the body in good heart shape. So we plan an hour or two of games for them on those extra days if they want. This is most likely because we want to be in a better position on the way back because we feel too heavy and too confused in the sense of balance. The inner ear, called the vestibular system, conveys to you a vertical sensation, orientation even with closed eyes, which no longer works, and it can cause nausea and dizziness. We know it will happen.

How do you prepare for that?

To control the risk of leakage when you return to the force of gravity, you need to recreate the amount of blood you lost at the beginning of the mission. Because in space, the human body needs less blood fluid to live normally. If you do not replenish 10-20% of the blood capacity in the body by drinking too much salt water, one of the two will fall down on landing. So, an hour before the start of the school year, let’s drink one and a half liters of hyper salt water. But the product is psychological above all else. Even if most of the work is done, read the procedures and focus. You need to focus until the last minute as the slightest mistake can lead to risk.

Does this expectation have an impact on the mind?

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No, it is the opposite. The wait will allow astronauts to go into a phase relaxation by being constantly informed of what is happening. They are not going to go from the extreme method of preparing their luggage to quotes, to the stage of installing it in their capsule. This is a stage where we relax, and it allows the mind to shift from the stage of “working in the atmosphere” to the stage of “re-entering the atmosphere”. It is also necessary to prepare checklists, that is, to make a list of things that should not be forgotten about the task, some models of physics tests, materials, etc. Then you have the right to your favorite little things. As much as you can bring on the outing can’t be brought back on the way back. Jean-Loup Chrétien, for example, brought an electronic element to the Mir station, but he was unable to bring it back. The same goes for Thomas. He can bring small personal items in his pockets or small pockets, but it is very limited.