May 26, 2022

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It was first seen in the metro before the smartphone was introduced

The Chinese manufacturer has not yet released its Xiaomi 12, but internet users have already been able to see the high-end smartphone in the subway in Shenzhen, China. It will arrive at the end of the year.

Credit: Weibo

Shenzhen Metro in China is a good place to find new smartphones Not yet marketed. In fact, it is the headquarters of most smartphone manufacturers in the city. Some corporate employees are obviously required to test smartphones It is not uncommon to see some appearing in the metro before they are marketed.

At the beginning of the month, that is Prototype of Xiaomi MIX Fold found in Metro In Shenzhen, and in 2020, other Internet users too I was able to see Huawei’s old flagship P40 Pro.

Xiaomi 12 has no camera under the screen

Like non-marketable smartphones that can roam the streets freely, they are protected by special cards that cover their design. However, these first stolen pictures of Xiaomi 12 confirm it The screen will not be very different from the previous generation.

In fact, you can see in the pictures that the smartphone is fitted with one The front camera is placed on a punch in the center of the screen. Since Xiaomi was in the upper right corner on the Mi 11, Xiaomi has moved the selfie sensor into its new flagship.

The Mi 12, unlike the latest one, does not offer a camera under the screen Xiaomi MIX 4, its first smartphone with this technology. For now, it is not known if there will be any front sensor on the front of the Xiaomi 12, but we hope the manufacturer will finally offer the best camera for selfies. The Mi 11 uses a 20 MP sensor, but It has been used for many generations now.

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Anyway, we need to know more about Xiaomi 12 soon. According to the Ice Universe leaker, the Chinese manufacturer Offer your high-end smartphone in December, I.e. the same period as last year Xiaomi Mi 11. He will be The first device to be fitted with the Snapdragon 898, Qualcomm’s next high-powered processor.