In a shocking turn of events last week, the internet found out that Cardi B and Offset were splitting. This news came after only six months of the birth of their baby girl, Kulture.

Cardi took to Instagram to explain that neither of them is to blame for their breakup and that they have just “fallen out of love.” On the heels of this news, came the reports of Offset having cheated on Cardi B with model Summer Bunni.

The internet, of course, started raging over Offset’s betrayal and slammed the artist for breaking Cardi’s heart. In the midst of all this though, Offset is trying very hard to win Cardi B again and save his marriage. While the Bodak Yellow rapper has not said a yes to her ex yet, she may consider doing so.

A new source has told E! News that the 26-year-old, “has her up and down moments where she thinks there could be a chance they can salvage their relationship.” The insider further added, “but then Cardi is also very upset over the cheating situation. She is very torn and is trying to stay focused on business matters right now.”

Cardi wants to continue her relationship with Offset so she doesn’t have to co-parent but at the same time she’s having trust issues. She’s unsure of what she should do about this situation so currently she’s taking her space and focusing on her baby and her career.

Offset has not spoken about their breakup yet, but he did post to social media expressing how much he misses his wife. The couple has not proceeded with the divorce yet so there is a thick chance that Cardi will reunite with Offset. Let’s see where this goes and hope Cardi chooses what she finds best for her child and herself.