From his sharp jawline to his enchanting eyes and tall physique, it can be quite a chore to drag your eyes away from Tom Hiddleston. The Marvel star has an edgy style, a mesmerizing smile, an awful load of talent, and looks that can kill. Some say that he even smells good. However, there’s not much that is out in the open about his love life. The 38-year-old sure likes to keep his matters private.

So while we don’t know with confirmation who he is dating these days how can we ask if he is going to have a baby? Well, eventually he probably will. However, the question has come to the fore right now because of what his rumored girlfriend, Zawe Ashton, has revealed to Bustle. In a candid interview, the British actress said that she wanted to become a mother.

“I would like to have a baby. I’ve never said that before, but women never say it,” she said. Did her words give any hint that she and Tom would have a baby in the near future? Sources are saying that these two stars who appear together on the Broadway hit Betrayal are dating. They have been together for quite sometime now but have kept the news under wraps.

In fact, an insider even revealed that Tom Hiddleston “really has fallen for Zawe in a big way. They’ve actually been together for more than six months.” However, he doesn’t want to disclose this because of the public attention and reaction that his brief dating scene with Taylor Swift attracted back in 2016. Many thought that Tom and Taylor’s relationship was fake which is bizarre.

So far, Tom and Zawe have been spotted together twice. They were first seen hanging out with one another last month in New York. Then this past weekend they went to the US Open together. Taking about keeping his privacy intact, the Loki actor admitted to The New York Times, “I’m protective about my internal world now in probably a different way.”

He further added, “That’s because I didn’t realize it needed protecting before.” Following Zawe Ashton’s revelation that she wants to embrace motherhood, Tom was recently spotted strolling through Central Park. The actor seemed to be in a good mood. He was clad in a pair of black shorts and shirt along with matching trainers and a baseball cap.

The above source also added, “He [Tom] thinks this could be the love of his life — he’s ready to settle down.” These rumors and revelations though, do not mean that Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton are going to have a baby – at least not anytime soon. Perhaps their relationship is still on its beginning stage in truth.

Zawe continued regarding having a baby in her latest interview with Bustle, “It’s not in the works, and it’s not being planned.” These words make it clear that these stars may be dating, but they’re not looking to make their relationship take such a big step right now. We do hope though that Tom gives fans a sneak peak of what’s going on his life’s live sphere.