On Friday, Sofia Richie along with her boyfriend Scott Disick was seen in West Hollywood. Guess who else was there? Kourtney Kardashian. As per reports, Scott and Sofia arrived first and later on, Kourt was also spotted there along with her friends.

Larsa Pippen and Brittny Gastineau were among the party. What’s more, even Kim Kardashian was there. A source told E! News, “Scott and Sofia arrived at the gallery first and were touring the exhibit when Kourtney arrived.”

“Kim arrived on her own, to the surprise of her sister, who didn’t seem to know she was planning on attending,” further added the source. Later all of them were seen eating out at Craig’s. This news comes after two weeks of another one that informed of a meetup between Scott, Sofia, and Kourtney.

Though Kourtney and Sofia have not been photographed in the same frame, this is the second time they have met. The drama between this love triangle is only increasing with several reports saying that Scott is cheating on Sofia with Kourtney.

Reportedly, Sofia can also not bear Kourtney presence. We think that perhaps we’ll get more info on what is happening between these three in the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. While it is understandable that Scott wants Sofia and Kourtney to meet since Kourtney is the mother of his three kids, these back to back get-togethers don’t make much sense.

And since this time, Kim was also present there we cannot help but wonder if Sofia would be a part of KUWTK’s next season. Several people have called out the show for being scripted rather than following the true definition of a reality TV show.

If that is the case then Sofia’s addition would definitely take the ratings up. Because Scott’s presence in the show has been greatly appreciated and gained a lot of positive public approval, his girlfriend might also be included in the mix.