Scott Disick is one lucky man. Apart from being blessed in both the looks and money departments, this guy also has an awful lot of women wanting him. He is currently dating model Sofia Richie but his latest whereabouts suggest that he may have shared some of his love with ex-partner Kourtney Kardashian as well.

If you are an ardent Kardashian fan, you might already be aware of that Kourtney is currently enjoying a trip in Bali alongside sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian. The sisters have also taken their kids along to enjoy the scenery and capture some amazing pictures.

Guess which man accompanied the ladies? Scott Disick did! While no one openly announced that Kourt and Scott were hanging out together, they both made sure to post enough pictures to serve as proof.

And before you fangirl, know that Scott and his children’s mum did not appear together in the same frame. So perhaps they are not dating. But just maybe, maybe there is some love between the two left still that is rekindling.

Otherwise why would they spend so much time together? Sofia was obviously not invited to the trip, but Scott did not just ditch his young girlfriend like that. He made sure to fly off to Singapore to join her there.

So, he is not spending his days with one but two hot women! Scott has posted a whole lot of snaps from the trip on his Instagram account. In one picture, his daughter Penelope can be seen standing with her cousin North West.

From the looks of it, this was a fun family reunion. Recently, a source had reported to People that Scott and Kourtney “are friends and co-parents.” The insider continued, “Lately, Kourtney is very happy with Scott. He is taking care of himself, isn’t partying and is a great dad.”