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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas happened too fast. They were dating for a few months, then they hurriedly got engaged, and finally came the part where they read their marriage vows.

While lots of fans have lovely things to say about them, a load of backlash has happened too. When their decision to get hitched first made it to the headlines, several expressed how they thought Priyanka was too old for Nick, that she almost looked like his mother. Even more so thought that their styles were completely different.

What’s funny though is that a whole lot think that their union won’t last. A deep dive into a Quora post shows what people think about Nickyanka. When asked if their marriage had the possibility to stretch into a forever, one person replied that Priyanka had only married Nick for citizenship papers. This person also explained how he thought marriage with Nick was on Priyanka’s to-do list because of the benefits it would bring.

Another answerer added that the 37-year-old had gotten with Nick to divert attention from the blunder that Quantico was. Elaborating that Chopra is ambitious and doing what she needs to do to get ahead, this user further continued that it wasn’t likely for the marriage to last because Jonas is too young.

Contrary to this idea, many people have previously thrown in that Nickyanka Would most certainly last because both of them come from families where marriages typically last. They have parents who are still together. Moreover, Joe and Kevin Jonas are also in solid commitments.

Some folks also replied to the Quora question saying that Nick and Priyanka seemed to have a marriage that was Hollywood-based and not one that had been done for love. Many agreed that it was a marriage decided by PR managers.

We truly hope that these two are actually in love, as it seems so, and that they last if its for their better. At the end of the day, it’s up to them whether they want to be together for infinity and beyond or for just a few years.