It’s summer but relationships are anything but hot these days. We’ve seen lots of celebrity couples cutting off ties and moving on. And it’s downright painful to see love die like that. Looks like Nick Jonas is trying to makeup for all that loss. The Chains singer is reportedly trying to win his ex, Olivia Culpo back!

What’s it with male artists this year? Literally every single one of them is trying to woo an ex. The Weeknd even won at it. The Canadian crooner got back with Bella Hadid and confirmed the news with passionate kisses at the Cannes Film Festival.

Justin Bieber is also trying to get Selena Gomez back, but she’s moved on. And now it’s the 25-year-old American singer who has also dated Selena once. We can’t help but notice there’s something about Selena. She makes guys regret and want their girlfriends back.

Anyway, jokes apart, back to the topic at hand. Nick Jonas wants Olivia Culpo back after she broke up with Danny Amendola, NFL player, in March this year after two years of dating. A source told US Weekly that Nick Jonas “reached out a couple weeks ago via text trying to reconnect.”

Nick and Olivia dated for two years before their breakup in 2015. Recently Nick has also been noticed liking Olivia’s pictures on Instagram. That seems to be a habit he’s made. This man really does love flirting through Instagram! Remember how he interacted with Hillary Duff and Camila Cabello on Instagram once in a way that was considered flirty?

However, despite the former JoBro bandmate’s efforts, Olivia is not interested in a reconciliation. “He treated her badly when they broke up,” the insider further said. Ouch! Sorry Nick. Nick was pretty open about his feelings for Olivia.

In 2016, while talking about his album Last Year Was Complicated, he told Out magazine, “With this one I made a real point to tell stories as honestly as I could.” He further added, “It became very clear what it was going to be about, after the breakup. I just dove in headfirst and wrote about all of it. I think it was the most meaningful relationship I’ve ever been in, and it was the longest.”

On Tuesday, in L.A at Kim Crawford Wines summer party, Olivia exchanged words with US Weekly. There she might have revealed what she doesn’t like about Nick. She said, “You want to have people that have an open heart and are kind people. I feel like one of the biggest turnoffs for me, like I can spot right away, is when somebody’s not nice to a waiter or something like that.”

She then added, “I pay attention that stuff a lot. That specifically.” She also said that she wanted someone who cared about charity as much as she does. Olivia is currently very busy in her life. she’s also heartbroken because of the breakup.

She told Access Hollywood, “We are broken up and it’s just so fresh for me. I don’t feel comfortable talking about it.” The former Miss Universe just starred in I Feel Pretty and kickstarted her own website recently. She has a lot more on her plate as well.