If you live on planet internet, you must be knowing by now that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth seem to have tied the knot secretly. They invited only a handful of friends at the casual ceremony that has held presumably on Sunday. There, Liam’s bothers Chris and Luke Hemsworth were also present and so were a few close friends.

However, along with fans several other friends of the Wrecking Ball singer were also kept in the dark. This has lead them to think why Miley got married so hurriedly. Is it just because she wanted to keep it low-key or is there more to the story? To some friends, there is clearly more to Miley and Liam’s short, quick, casual, and secret wedding celebrations.

A source has told Hollywood Life, “friends who worked with her on The Voice suspect that Miley might be pregnant.” The insider further added, “she [Miley] always talked to crew on the show about how she wanted to have a small wedding, maybe elope with a few close friends and family. She also talked a lot about how she felt that marriage was something she wanted to do when she was ready for a family. So those who did not make the tiny wedding invite list suspect that Miley may already be pregnant or about to be.”

What? Is there any chance that the Hannah Montana alum is expecting? Or is it that she is soon planning to get pregnant and doesn’t want any attention on herself? News of Miley and Liam’s wedding got leaked through Instagram when a friend of the Hunger Games star posted two stories giving an inside peek at what went down at their wedding on the weekend.

Since Miley was wearing a white bridal grown and Liam was in a tux in one snap, fans are sure it was not a prank but their actual wedding. The second shot even showed balloons with Mr. & Mrs. branded on them. However, note that there is no confirmation regarding whether or not Miley is pregnant or hoping to carry a bun in her oven soon. These might as well just be rumors.