Okay so before we start, let me be very clear that this might be my assumption or misunderstanding that I think that the famous DJ Marshmello is dating an internet personality and model Hannah Stocking. I will state all facts here and leave it for you to decide whether this is just my assumption with no truth in it OR there could be some truth to this story. So here it goes!

Hannah Stocking, who is famous on both Instagram and Youtube for making comedy videos, has recently returned from Greece after spending a fun vacation trip over there accompanied with her friends DJ Kayzo and his girl-friend Cray, Julissa Prado, a business woman who is seen many times in Stocking’s funny videos, Tommy Brown, another artist and of course, Christopher Comstock a.k.a Dotcom a.k.a Marshmello.

There’s no doubt left anymore about the real identity of Marshmello as Forbes collected all the evidence of his real identity and exposed him as DJ Dotcom. Everybody knows now that Chris (Dotcom) is the Marshmello, not just from this specific article but from many other viral videos on Youtube too.

Now, coming back to the real topic as to why do I think that Marshmello is dating Hannah Stocking. Well, I have been following Hannah on her Instagram since a very long time and I have seen both Marshmello and Dotcom in some of her videos and Insta stories, making it quite clear that they are very good friends with each other.

I wouldn’t lie but the first time I saw Dotcom acting as a date of Hannah in one of her funny videos, I kind of started shipping them both together. Hannah Stocking, no doubt, is a very talented and beautiful woman and Dotcom is super cute even when he’s not being Marshmello.

My wish seemed to be coming true when I saw Hannah Stocking’s Insta story during her Trip to Greece in which she was seen sitting very close to Dotcom in almost all of her hanging-out-with-friends snaps. Here are some of the stories’ snaps I took screenshot of.


While riding on a boat, Hannah is sitting on the lap of Chris and in the image below, you could see how he is holding her carefully during the ride. Cute!


Yeah, these tattooed hands and legs are no one else’s but Dotcom’s. And I am glad that Hannah is in good hands. 😉

In a series of her vacation stories, I got to see Chris and Hannah ‘looking’ like a couple; hanging out together, eating together, being comfortable together. One of such snaps is attached below in which you can see how Chris is playing with Hannah’s hair and politely caressing her. CUTE, isn’t it?


If this is really what I think it is, then I send my best wishes and heart to both of them and want to let them know they really look perfect together. <3 And we would definitely want to see Marshmello taking Hannah out like he did in this cute comedy video.


We have found another proof that Hannah Stocking is definitely dating Marshmello a.k.a dotcom. Recently, Hannah posted a very hot picture of herself posing in a bikini on her Youtube account with a flirty caption that said “Hey big head, what you doing this weekend?”.

marshmello dating hannah stocking

Image: Hannah Stocking Youtube/Heraldoffashion

Now you tell us, who is she calling the Big Head and why? The only big head we know in her friend’s circle is the Marshmello; the helmet he wears is definitely what Hannah is pointing to. Isn’t it an indirect date invite to our Marshmello? Hell yeah it is, in my opnion. We’ll keep updating as soon as we get our hands on more stuff. Meanwhile, you let us know what you think about it.