Taika Waititi did a magnificent job with Thor: Ragnarok. Not only did he make the god of thunder even more popular among the masses, but he also proved that he could make a Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo happen.

Unfortunately, despite Bruce Banner being one of the six original avengers we don’t have a memorable Hulk movie with Ruffalo. Once upon a time a Hulk movie was released with Edward Norton as the lead, but that film was a huge flop among fans and critics. However, that doesn’t mean that Marvel fanatics aren’t desperate for Marvel to give Hulk a chance with Mark Ruffalo who has done an incredible job with the character.

Though the 51-year-old hasn’t been erased from the MCU, he doesn’t have a solo movie in phase 4 of the media franchise. In fact, we are not sure where and if he fits in any of the upcoming Marvel movies. Looking at the awesome pairing of Thor and Hulk in Thor’s third installment, people are hoping for the green genius to show up in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Today, when Ruffalo shared snaps of himself with Waititi on Instagram, fans couldn’t help but request the director to add some green to the Thor film coming up next. Thor’s fourth part will bring back Natalie Portman as Jane Foster and Tessa Thompson as the Valkyrie.

Under the Hulk actor’s post, one person commented excitedly in all caps, “HULK IN LOVE AND THUNDER PLEASE.” Another fan wrote, “Please be in Thor 4.” Yet another wrote, “MR RUFFALO PLZ BE IN THOR 4.” Do you also think Hulk and Thor should reunite in Love and Thunder?

In the last Thor movie, both the avengers ended up becoming good friends. While smart Bruce already knew Thor from previous encounters, his angered up form took his time to accept the muscular Mjölnir wielder. Fans believe the fourth part of the series will explore Lady Thor which will probably be Jane Foster. As for the Asgardian god’s mischievous brother Loki, nothing can be said about his presence.

Loki has died and come back to life multiple times in the MCU. His last death seemed to be final but since Tom Hiddleston is going to continue playing the god of mischief in his upcoming Disney+ show, there’s possibility that Loki will once again be resurrected.