Liam Payne says that this year he is going to be celebrating Christmas at his ex’s place. Does this mean that he and Cheryl are going to get back together?

The former couple split in summer last year. They announced their separation on social media and made it clear that while they were breaking up, they still were family.

Fans saw their split coming from a mile away with how awkward they were with one another. Before calling it quits though, the former One Direction singer and his then-partner tried to make things work as they went on a vacation together in Maldives. Unfortunately, they failed to reignite the “spark” they once had.

Some people went on to say that Cheryl’s mum was the reason behind their split – her interference got on Liam’s nerves. The 36-year-old actress took to social media to clear the air and tell people that her mum was not to blame, and people just had a habit of dragging the woman in.

Another speculation was that they broke up because Liam wouldn’t stay private about their relationship. He talked too much about them to the public which annoyed Cheryl to the max.

Fast forward to September 2019 and Liam Payne went public about his new relationship with model Maya Henry. Even though only a few months back in July this year, it was revealed that Cheryl still calls Liam her boyfriend. Awkward? Very much.

Now that Liam is planning on spending Christmas with Cheryl again does it mean that they can be reconciling in some time? Not likely. Liam and his ex are on amicable terms and he would mainly be going there for his son Bear.

Talking on the show This Morning, Liam said, “I’m going to go down and see Bear and maybe cook a Christmas dinner. I like to do Sunday roasts, brings you back to normality.” The songster added that he wanted to see if his 2-year-old son with Cheryl would be unpacking his own gifts, something which he didn’t do last year.

Perhaps he will even take his new girlfriend to the little family dinner as he added, “I’m at home with my girlfriend at the minute but we’re going to go down and have some food and chill out.” Talking about Cheryl’s love life, she doesn’t have a new man in her life yet. Not one that the media knows of at least.

Clearly she is dedicated to upbringing her son Bear. As for Liam, he thinks fatherhood has “messed” him up. “Becoming a dad at such a young age, it’s such a difficult thing,” said the Strip That Down singer.  Funnily, many people think that Liam’s current girlfriend, Maya is a lookalike of his ex, Cheryl.

Despite his split from Cheryl, Liam values the woman. He has mentioned that she’s “one of the most important people” in his life. He has also said that he’s “lucky” to have her.