Kim Kardashian West is a pro at not only marketing but also at creating stellar products. The star’s latest Kimoji fragrance has again won hearts with just its release. Not so coincidently the drop date of her Kimoji perfumes coincided with the World Emoji Day.

Also, guess what? Kim K made $5 million from the sales of her latest fragrances within just FIVE MINUTES! Surprised? We’re sure you aren’t. Guess we’re just getting used to the Kardashian-Jenner Klan making money with almost every single thing they do.

The 37-year-old has released three new Kimoji perfumes; Vibes, Cherry, and Peach. But things are not all rainbows and sunshine for the star as a lawsuit has been filed against her Vibes perfume according to TMZ. Reports say that a Chicago-based marketing company called Vibes claims that it had trademarked this very logo that Kim is using as her perfume’s bottle in 2012.

According to Vibes, the marketing company, KKW “has been marketing, promoting, and is now selling a Vibes perfume. The Vibes perfume comes in a bottle that is a close facsimile of the Registered Vibes Logo.” Ouch!

For what Kim has allegedly done, the company wants her to hand over her unsold Vibes perfume bottles for destruction. Meanwhile the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV show star is busy posting pictures giving fans a look at her new fragrances.

The KKW Fragrances founder posted a picture on her Instagram account in which she is seen resting on a raft with a perfume bottle balanced on her bottom. In the picture, Kim is wearing a white bikini. The photo is captioned, “Kimoji Fragrances available now on”

The social media influencer has also shared a similar snap on her KKW Fragrances Instagram page. In this picture, she is seen holding the perfume in her hand while flaunting her taut abs.