Jake Gyllenhaal, aka the actor who deserves an Oscar, joined Instagram in December last year. Of course, it didn’t take time for his follower-count to climb up and with all the cool posts he makes, the Prisoners star keeps collecting more.

Gyllenhaal’s Insta account is a manifestation of how cool, absolutely adorable, and humorous this man is. And of course, it’s just a sweet reminder of how God has blessed him in the looks’ department. Guess who agrees? Pornhub.

Yes, you read that right. Post-release of his latest movie Spiderman: Far from Home in which he plays the villain, the 38-year-old shared a shot of himself in what he called a “dad outfit.” He added a hilarious caption, as usual, that read, “This isn’t just a sexy dad outfit. It’s my favorite look from Spider-Man: FFH”

In only a few seconds he garnered a lot of praise for being hot and funny, a truly irresistible combo. And there, at the top of the comments @pornhub wrote, “ZADDY.” Uh, what was that? Fans freaked out over this, wondering why Pornhub was there.

Some expressed confusion, while others just wished that Pornhub takes Jake on for at least a mini scene. One person replied, “I’m very confused on why Pornhub is here.” Another fan typed, “can you please offer him a contract?”

A few fans also looked at the comment with suspicious eyes as one typed, “IS THERE SOMETHING WE NEED TO KNOW.” Yeah, in all caps. Another excited fellow commented in response, “THIS IS THE BEST F****** THING IVE EVER SEEN ON INSTAGRAM.”

A lot of people also just wanted Pornhub to just go away. We don’t know about you but this whole deal seemed pretty funny to us. What do you think? Until we see Pornhub lurking around Jake’s account again, we’ll simply keep doing what we do best – stalking this zaddy every.single.day.