If anything losing weight is a tough nut to crack. It just does not happen overnight with a merciful Fairy Godmother swishing her wand to make our dieting dream come true. Add on top of these, the name tags and name calling that trails closely being the overweight episode and you know that your confidence is going to nosedive into the void where it shatters completely.

The same picture is somewhat a tale that Ireland Baldwin has to go through. The 22-year-old American actress and model is the face of Guess Jeans. For many, who view her through the lens of the camera and frames of photographs, she is a smiling bombshell beauty who is self-possessed and all shades of confident.

However, a closer zoom into Baldwin’s life and you will learn that all those who smile often have frowns deep beneath. After all, confidence is dual faced, it can trick people into believing several false things. On digging deeper, the young girl has revealed that she has had a hard time working in keeping her armor of confidence up.

Ireland Baldwin reveals that she used to be “fixated” on what people had to say about her when she started with her modeling career. Top it up with reading everything and you will get the idea that she read not only the positive comments but also the negative notes that tore at her heart. And she took them quite literally that meant jumping into a rabbit hole that was fully dark and only lit by the words of the mean trolls on media.

The young lass conceded, “I saw what people were saying about me, that of course, I was modeling because I was so-and-so’s daughter. ‘She’s fat, she’s disgusting.’ I would get so down on myself.”

For several people, her career was bound to happen because Ireland is that daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. That doesn’t at all mean that the hard work lessens by any means.

Finally, the turning point stuck though, as Baldwin realized that such a fixation only fed on her insecurities. She realized, “This is going to bring me down.” That was the high time when she decided, “today, I am going to stop reading these comments and stop caring. I stopped altogether looking at articles and paparazzi photos. I used to be crazy about my double chin, or the bad angle of my butt. I’m not even going to look anymore. I owe it to myself.”

This has made her fall in love with herself slowly but surely and she has taken this blessing of advocating self-acceptance on social media. She advised, “We all get to this point where we’re either going to accept who we are, or we’re going to make it so difficult for ourselves to accept what we’ve been given.”

The actress/model has further revealed that she has no love for salads and does not bother calculating calories on her plate. Nonetheless, she works out well and claims that her love for boxing helps her to stay in shape.

Moreover, she shared some of an anti-model like tale, “I hate salad beyond anything in the world… I don’t eat well at all. I go through so many phases. I’m eating more vegan one month, or vegetarian, or I have a burger again. I’m such a foodie. I hate missing out. I hate salad beyond anything in the world. I love my wine. I need to eat fun food.”

In a nutshell, the best lesson to learn from the young model is to follow the foodie’s heart too and pair it with an effective workout regime.