Apple users can heave a sigh of relief in this tough time of Corona, where everyone is worried about the things going worse. In such a situation, the company Apple has come up with a new update for its users. The iOS software is known all across the World for its constant updates, that coming after some period of time. Initially, the company came up with an update in the month of April, which they named as iOS 13.4.1. This update was supposed to squish all the bugs that are a part of the software.

With the new software that the company has come up with has all the features that are required to deal with the current World’s situation. The COVID19 has been a source of inspiration behind the design of this software. The new features of this software update have life saving features. With the new update, the users will be able to live a very safe life.

Getting the update:

The process of getting this update is quite easy. It is same as it has been with the previous updates. This update is compatible with almost all the models of iPhones. What you need to do is to go to the settings of your phone, choose the ‘general’ option, and update the software. Opt for the download option, and your phone will update itself automatically in the next ten minuets.

However, make sure that your phone is fully charged, so that there will be no stoppage in the process.

What does the update have?

The update comes with a plethora of new features.

Face id update:

The best feature is surely the face id update. This new update has made life much safer for the users. Due to the spread of the Corona Virus, people are forced to wear masks on their faces in order to avoid contacting the virus. In such a situation, its quite difficult to use the face ID recognition. The iPhone recognizes the face once and then the pass-code is added to it. Once the update is there, the face entry is replaced with the pass-code automatically. Once its replaced, using it would get a lot easier.

Collective face-timing:

Face time is one of the most sought-after features of iOS. With this new update, the user can face-time with a complete group. This would work in a way that each person’s face will be on the screen in a tiled shape.

The API system:

With this new update, the API system has also come up with better working. Through this, when two persons come in a closer range, they are able to detect each other through Bluetooth. Anonymous identification will make things easier for them.

If you have any version of iPhone, now is the time to install the new update on it. Doing it will load your phone with a lot of features, which will make your life easier and safer.