Have you ever just turned to look your back in the mirror and cringed? Like whoa, I am a fine, young lady what in the world is wrong with my outfit? Why is it making me look like Dexter’s mum? Pretty sure every curvy girl has thought that at least once. We wholeheartedly thank Kim K for making us acceptable but no thanks we’d still rather wear skinny jeans than chicken leg trousers.

Alarmingly, the look most of us have been trying to avoid all our lives has gone viral. Fashion, you know. It’s always introducing something so utterly stunning that your jaw drops without instruction. Fascinating us and gripping our attention whatever our idea about it be. Trends pay no heed to what people think about them. (That’s very deep of fashion. We all need to learn this from it.)

Lately, a pair of burnt orange pants has been snaking its way around the online world. While some find these to be weird others think this is what their funky soul has been waiting for. The pants are like two air balloons made into fashion. Not quite understandable until you look at their picture. And realize these aren’t pants at all just chicken pieces. But wait, these are pants!

It all began when a Twitter user k_kazu_magi came across these pants on a Japanese eCommerce site named Rakuten. He tweeted the picture with the caption “All I can think about when I look at these pants… is KFC, they look just like fried chicken.” This post got over 53K retweets and about 65K likes, showing how many people agreed with his assessment.

Then the games began. People started photoshopping the pants to have crispy chicken skin, compared them to carrots and what not. One person replied to the tweet by k_kazu_magi saying, “I tried not to laugh but I can’t stop staring at the chicken legs,” The pantaloons have now become a meme and if you haven’t heard of them, you’d have probably seen them in your FB feed.

All in good humor, but if you think closely and imagine yourself lounging on your plush sofa lazily, watching your favorite movie, munching on snacks, sporting these pants, the comfort vibes are strong. So even if we’re all laughing, if we got a pair we’d wear it at home when no one is around and immediately change at the sound of the doorbell.

But at the same time, picture yourself wearing these to college, the sound of your colleagues snickering at you as you step into the hallway would be enough to make you want to shun these pants for being so deplorable. Unless you are the sort of person who loves all things quirky, to stand out of the crowd and is super confident about it.

These trousers seem to be made of a crepe-like material and cinch at the ankles. Japanese bloggers are referring to these pants using terms like “fashionable.” So even if you think these are hilarious, someone somewhere thinks of them as flamboyant and chic, wears them to malls and is considered a popular fashionista who is the first one to try all the newest and coolest trends in town.

For all those interested the pants are available for 9200 yen (82 dollars) It’s not confirmed whether or not these chicken leg pants, as the internet has named them, are shipped outside Japan. So, in case you are desperate for these pants, you might have to rush to Japan.