If you are not living in a cave or a far-flung mountain, you must be aware of the recent controversy regarding Tanishq ad.

IF you have not heard about it, let me enlighten you.

Tanishq, which is one of the most acclaimed jewellery brands in India, recently made a beautiful ad regarding inter-faith marriage. The ad showcased a Hindu pregnant woman, who is accompanied by her Muslim Mother-In-Law for the baby shower ceremony.

Once the brand uploaded the ad, it got viral almost instantly. Right after that, the backlash that the brand had to deal with was MASSIVE.

A lot of people considered the ad to be propagating LOVE-JIHAD.

Unfortunately, the company had to take down the ad and publish an apology..


For people with some sanity, the putting down of the ad caused a lot of hurt. Those who are all about love, brotherhood and harmony did not approve of the backlash that Tanishq had to deal with.


Right after that, twitter was filled with tweets regarding inter-faith marriages.

So heartwarming!



This is where the hate-mongers are defeated.


Is it still Love-Jihad?



Now that’s really sweeeeett!