January 17, 2022

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Intego sees 100% Mac antivirus sacrificing its price

Since 1997, Indego Mac has been a leader in cyber security. The company, which specializes in the protection of Apple machines, has been enjoying tremendous success due to its performance. 100% directly identifiable on all malware on Mac. With a large team of researchers and academics, the company knows how to act quickly against computer attacks.

If you want to protect your Mac (and your data), Intego is an excellent antivirus. In addition, it shows a positive rate on all weekends. If you choose For a classic antivirus with a firewall, it costs 19.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros. It offers a one-year license and protection of a device.

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What we like about Mac antivirus like Indigo is that it is always sensible. When the computer is running it will run in the background. However, this does not penalize the performance or autonomy of the device. Note that Intego does not like unwanted pop-ups. So you can easily forget that the software is running and tracking any malware. It is practical, it is quickly forgotten and it does the job.

Maximum security with Intego

With over 20 years of experience in this segment, Intego has developed other tools to upgrade and protect a Mac. They all gathered in a security package The Mac Premium Bundle X9 costs. 34.99 instead of. 84.99 per year. This pack contains antivirus for Mac but includes a tool for cleaning your computer, an automatic backup system and a parental control tool.

In the end, if you add 15 euros a year compared to the classic antivirus, you will get more practical tools (especially cleaner for Mac or backup system). If you do not need it, antivirus for less than 2 euros a month would be a big deal. This will allow you to face all the threats coming from the web without being too vigilant.

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