2020 made a lot of people suffer in a lot of ways. Where, at one side, it caused many deaths, it also affected the working conditions of many.

However, there are a few people who made some terrible mistakes in 2020, which led to causing them a lot of harms.

Here, I am talking about a few influencers that were loved by their fans, but they did some really weird activities that caused them a lot of backlashes.

1. Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn is a very famous TikToker and is known for her amazing music skills. However, what caused her major harm in her reputation was when she lied about her age. along with this, she didn’t tell the truth about her pregnancy. She was exposed to her fans when her father posted a video on Facebook, where he revealed that she is merely thirteen years old. This caused a lot of harm in her reputation and she lost a good amount of her followers.

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2. Lisa Li

Lisa Li is a Chinese blogger who influenced hundreds of her followers by showing her luxurious lifestyle to them.

What turned out was that everything that she was showing out to the world was fake and she was pretending to have a lavish lifestyle. Rather, she lived in a messy apartment where there are filthy clothes and unwashed utensils all around.

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3. Daisy Marquez

Daisy Marquez, known for her great fan following on Youtube, made several videos showing that her house was haunted. She made a lot of videos about how she was brave enough to live in a house where there are clear indications of some paranormal activities happening. However,
the followers have said that she is lying and the videos she has been posting on the internet are all fake.
YouTuber Daisy Marquez captures alleged paranormal activity on video | Fox  News

4. Her Royal Highness Qiao Biluo”

Now this one is hilarious.
This Chinese blogger is known as Her Royal Highness Qiao Biluo”, and she gained a lot of followers owing to her ‘cute’ features.
However, recently it was exposed that she uses a lot of filters on her face in order to appear young and fresh. This happened due to a technical glitch that occurred while she was conversing with her fans on a live streaming video session.
Chinese vlogger who used filter to look younger caught in live-stream  glitch - BBC News