January 17, 2022

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Incredibly progressive wanderlust of Ubisoft, or the video game industry

Released this Thursday, October 7th For Cry6, The latest version of the successful series of French video game company Ubisoft. In the setting of a Caribbean island in the grip of dictatorship, this new creation aims to carry a strong history. Sports screenwriter Navith Kavari demands the role Politics Illustrates the treatment of the plan and subjects “Rise of fascism, the costs of imperialism, forced labor, the need for democratic elections and LGBTQ + rights”. The rich program, which offers the opportunity to revisit Ubisoft’s ideological evolution, is a description of a video game industry plagued by progressivism in the context of business hypocrisy.

In this regard, a turning point occurred in the second half of the 2010 decade. The French company gradually adopted a discourse that is the basis for controversy on the agenda. Trump in the United States, For Cry5 The militant movement hit the headlines with its aesthetics, strongly reminiscent of evangelical sectarianism and white separatism. The same ideological prism with the series Look at the dogs. Located in San Francisco Bay, the second episode of Saga features a young African-American hacker. His journey offers the opportunity to guide the face recognition of blacks, according to the lack of diversity in the Silicon Valley or the fate of sexual minorities. Series Brigade This momentum continues with the description of the victim of the dictatorship of a private security company in the post-Brexit UK.

However, in the examples cited, progressivism is, above all, a coating, an aesthetic that appears only in brief moments in the text, without taking any great risk. The poor quality of the scenes and dialogues does not help to elevate this subject, often as caricature as fun. Certified by Coast Recon WhitlandsThe story of Bolivia presenting Bolivia under the control of paramilitary and drug traffickers, the French ambassador received a call from the Bolivian foreign and interior ministers.

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To this brave good conscience, the company adds a growing flattery attitude. Ubisoft was recently accusedHomosexuality In order to allow only one sex in the extensionAssassin’s Creed Odyssey, “Valid” for the description of a distorted character Valhalla Or racism for employment, in Elite Squad of Tom Clancy, Raised fist symbol. In each of these controversies, Ubisoft apologized while resolving the issue raised.

Flat maneuvers, impossible excuses, but revisionism. The last The killer’s belief They distinguished themselves by their femininity, which was far from the historical authenticity originally promoted by this series. In Odyssey, Located at Greece Older, the player has the opportunity to simulate a female warrior, an inclusive choice to ignore “Historical Sex”. The following works, Valhalla, Using the latest historical debates, has represented an impossible number of Viking warriors.

This feminist attitude is incompatible with the corruption the company experiences. In the summer of 2020, the press reported on harassment and sexual harassment cases at the company that Ubisoft’s management was trying to cover up. Following these revelations, an internal investigation led to a series of dismissals, resignations and sanctions that failed to complete the case. Last July, several victims decided to take the case to justice by launching a joint action in Babikni Court.

In response to these controversies, Ubisoft has stepped up its ideological process. In September 2020, the company released a press release promising to further support the professional integration of women and ethnic minorities in the field of video game development. An announcement culminated in December with the appointment of Rashi Sikka to the post of Vice President of Ubisoft “Diversity and Additions”. “Design and implement a global roadmap for diversity and inclusion to support and enrich corporate culture at all levels”. A good goal while waiting for a verdict on the charges against the company that is starting a new game: to live in the right jungle of politics.

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