December 9, 2021

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In the test Olet video of the Nintendo Switch model

What should we think about the OLED screen of the newly named Nintendo Switch console? Florian Ages, the gaming division manager, tells us everything about this famous screen in this video.

The new model of Nintendo Switch has finally arrived. Available from October 8, 2021, the switch console “Olet Model” offers the same computing power as the original switch, but still does not have 4K compatibility, nor is there a smart overhead on the dock or console. The real and unique difference of this new console is its OLED screen, which gives the machine its name. This replaces the IPS LCD displays from previous iterations.

The console also benefits from dual internal storage capacity (32 to 64 GB) and some ergonomic adjustments. So it is mainly designed for players who want to benefit from the best gaming experience in nomadic environment. Chopped and connected to a TV, it offers no change compared to the standard model – except for minor touches of the dock (the rear panel can now be completely removed for easy access to internal connections, replacing the Ethernet port with the original model’s internal USB port, which is especially pleasing to fans of online games). So, will this screen really fulfill its promises? Find our answer in the video.

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