December 9, 2021

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In the aftermath of the Russian anti-satellite fire, the United States criticized the “dangerous” behavior

On Monday, November 15, the United States condemned Russia for launching an anti-satellite missile in the form of thousands of pieces of debris threatening astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS). “Before [lundi], Russia recklessly conducted a devastating direct-climb anti-satellite missile test against one of its own satellites., US State Department spokesman Nate Price called for Moscow’s conduct “Dangerous”.

The U.S. military said earlier in the day that it was investigating “Trash Creation Event” In space. “The U.S. Space Agency is aware of a phenomenon that creates debris in space. We are actively working to categorize the garbage sector., A spokesman said.

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According to Mr. Price, this was the shot “More than 1,500 detectable orbital debris and hundreds of thousands of small orbital debris now threaten the interests of all nations.”. Reluctant to comment on possible retaliation, the United States said “I make it clear that they will not tolerate such action.”. In addition, this missile attack “Russia’s opposition to militarization of outer space shows that they are false and hypocritical.”, He added.

Seven ISS astronauts were threatened

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said “Immediate anxiety is worrying[ait] Debris, now floating and could become dangerous, including the International Space Station.. “We are closely monitoring the type of resources that Russia wants to create.”, He added.

On Monday morning, seven astronauts aboard the ISS took refuge in their ships parked at the station in preparation for a possible evacuation. The Russian space agency Roskosmos announced that the astronauts on the ISS were not in danger, not to mention a possible missile test. “The orbit of the object that forced the crew today to travel to the spacecraft according to standard procedures deviated from the orbit of the ISS.”, Roscosmos tweeted. “The resort is now green.” “Friends, everything is in order with us. We continue to work according to our plan.”, A Also tweeted by Russian astronaut Anton Skoplerov.

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According to special media Now space travel, NASA astronauts Raja Sari, Kayla Barron and Tom Marshburn and European space agency astronaut Matthias Maurer took refuge in SpaceX’s Dragon capsule, which they arrived within days. US astronaut Mark Vande Hey and two Russian astronauts Anton Skoplerov and Pyotr Duprov aboard the Soyuz spacecraft. These precautionary measures are part of the emergency procedure for the departure of the ISS and its arrival on Earth. According to the same source, everyone returned to the interior of the ISS in the middle of Monday.

The missile attack from Moscow shows a force. Such a shot has already been carried out by only four countries, including Russia, and it has been widely criticized, especially for the large amount of debris generated, which then turns into dangerous projectiles.

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