January 17, 2022

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In Europe and the United States, operators are organizing against iCloud’s private relay

Introduced on iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, iCloud Private Relay did not appeal to Orange, Vodafone, Telefonica and T-Mobile. These European operators sent a letter to the European Commission in August asking them to force Apple to deactivate its new feature. Telegraph.

“Private Relay claims to enhance the privacy of users by encrypting and redirecting their traffic while surfing the Internet. […] This prevents other networks and servers from accessing sensitive data and metadata, including the operators responsible for the connection., Reconnected operators say.

Functional Map of iCloud Private Relay. Apple Image.

“The implementation of the private relay will severely undermine European digital sovereignty”, Four players already argue with a commission Struggling with Apple In many domains.

Included in all iCloud + subscriptions, iCloud Private Relay sends requests through two separate relays to encrypt the IP address and encrypts DNS records to minimize the possibility of identification and detection on the Internet. Currently in beta, iCloud Private Relay is not enabled by default, but hundreds of millions of users can access it with just a few patches.

ICloud + At a Glance: Hidden emails for personal relay and greater privacy

ICloud + At a Glance: Hidden emails for personal relay and greater privacy

The tangible issues with iCloud Private Relay for operators are not detailed, but accordingly Experts Function may interfere with the quality of service measurements and obligations that prevent the legal base.

Another review is related to competition. “In addition, the private relay will prevent others from creating innovations and competing in the lower digital markets.”, Without further precision, add operators. They may see personal relay as a threat to their own advertising activities.

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Update 8:30 pm – The sling against the private relay is organized not only in Europe. A third US operator, T-Mobile / Sprint, is in operation To sort Blocking the process when it is activated. A warning message warns that the user’s phone plan does not support private relay.

John Kaitry.

Apple has not yet commented on the matter, but may force the wildfire maker against private relay to say something soon.