There are lots of reasons for lifeless and dry hair. One of the leading causes is your carelessness in the shower. Hair care is incomplete without taking care of your hair while you shampoo and condition them. In this regard, here are some important tips to bear in mind when shampooing your hair next time:

Don’t wash your hair every day

Wash your hair only when you need to. This is a crucial tip as daily showers can sip the moisture from your hair, leaving them dry and dull. Moreover, the shampoos and conditioners are loaded with chemicals. So, you need to ensure that you don’t let them get to your scalp to leave their negative imprint. If you need to wash your hair everyday though, then select a mild shampoo that is dedicated to everyday cleaning.

Steam your hair before you head to take a shower

A critical way of getting rid of the dirt and oil from your hair is by unclogging the pores. To this end, you need to give steam to your hair before you shower. A simple way of doing that entails taking a towel and dipping it in hot water. Next, squeeze the hot water from the towel and wrap it around your head. Let the wrap sit over your hair for roughly 20 minutes. Then, head to get a shower.

Massage your scalp

Another good way for eliminating the dirt from your hair is massaging your scalp lightly with your fingertips. You need to do this before showering too. Massaging your scalp will allow you to loosen the dirt from your scalp. What’s more is that this tip boosts hair growth as massaging your scalp boosts circulation to it, which promotes the growth of your hair.

Use lukewarm water

Using hair styling tools are typically frowned upon due to the damage caused by the high temperature. This holds true in the case of hot water too. Therefore, use lukewarm or cool water that closes cuticles and locks in moisture as well. This gives your hair a shinier look. It also minimizes frizz.

Don’t shampoo the length of your hair

The shampoo is made to remove the dirt and dead skin cells from your hair. It also cleanses your hair and prevents product buildup in your scalp. Therefore, shampoo your scalp, as it is the target area. Don’t shampoo the lengths as that only strips the natural oils and leaves your hair looking lifeless, dry, and dull. Hence, the best trick is to take a little shampoo and massage it on your scalp and roots till it lathers.

Don’t keep your hair in a ponytail

Most of us like to keep out hair in a ponytail while showering as a way to prevent it from getting wet. This does a lot of harm though. Celebrity hairstylist, Deycke Hiedorn, highlights that hairpins and tie put a substantial amount of pressure on your hair shafts. This culminates in hair breakage. Therefore, you should avoid tying your hair in a ponytail in a shower by all means. If you have to keep your hair from getting wet though, consider using a large clip to hold your hair at the top of your head where the least water from the shower is to reach it.

Apply conditioner to your roots

To keep greasy strands at bay, apply conditioner to the ends of your hair. This will truly enhance the hydration of your hair. As a general practice, use a small amount of conditioner and work your way through the length of your hair. If need be, increase the amount of conditioner used. However, don’t exceed more than a quarter size.

Massage with a natural oil conditioner

A good conditioner for your hair is oil. Massaging your hair with oil an hour before a shower is an incredible means of nourishing your scalp as well as moisturizing your hair. You can try a variety of hair oils such as olive, almond, coconut oil or more. Each hair oil boasts its own benefits for your hair.

Deep condition

Deep condition your hair every two weeks. This is specifically useful for those have curly hair, as such hair type dries up quickly. On a side note, a pro tip is to limit the use of conditioner. Excess conditioner can damage your hair greatly.

Use detangle brushes

If you want to get rid of tangles from your hair in a shower, then use a detangle brush. These feature gentle bristles that untangle hair properly without applying too much pressure or causing hair breakage. Waveney Antoine, the owner of Koil Hair, explains the role of such brushes.

Koil points out, “In the shower, if you’re yanking overly hard on a gigantic clump of curls, the sound of the water beating down will muffle the sounds of breakage. Even though the brushing may not hurt much because of the slip from conditioner, if you fail to be gentle enough, you can do a whole lot of damage because your fragile ends will still pop off and wash down the drain without you even noticing.”

Don’t forget to brush your hair before a shower

It is crucial to brush your hair before you hop into a shower. If you carry untangled hair to the shower, it becomes more difficult to brush them later on. This culminates in hair breakage.

Use the correct shampoo

The shampoo that you use depends on your hair type. You need to experiment with various shampoos to learn which shampoo suits you the best. Using the wrong shampoo not only damages your hair but can also cause acne. This type of acne is called pomade acne that mostly occurs on the forehead and back. So, be sure to use a good shampoo that suits both your hair and skin.

Use a microfiber towel for drying

Use a microfiber towel for preventing frizzy hair. The secret to drying your hair is using such a towel. Alternatively, you can use a cotton t-shirt. These absorb excess water from your hair after a shower. However, it doesn’t over-absorb meaning it does not strip the moisture from your hair. The other towels absorb the moisture of your hair which leaves them prone to hair breakage and amp up the frizz in them.

Brush your hair when dry

Don’t go about combing your hair immediately after a shower. At this point, your hair is more likely to break as compared to when they are dry. Therefore, brush them once they are dry or when they have partly dried.

Don’t rub your hair while drying them

A vast majority of women dry their hair by rubbing them vigorously with the towel. At other times, they coil up hair in a towel. Both of these ways of drying your hair are harmful as they increase the odds of hair breakage and frizz. The ideal way to dry your hair is by using a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. Pat dry your hair with these items for getting rid of excess water. Then, leave them for air drying.

Bottom line

Taking care of your hair requires time. These are just simple steps that don’t require much effort. Make a habit of these hair care tips for reaping healthy and frizz-free hair that don’t break regularly.