December 8, 2021

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If a third-party repairman changes the screen, the face ID will be disabled

Apple Has created a new barrier aimed at preventing repairs on their devices outside
Apple Store And Authorized Stores. Starting
IPhone 13. The device can now detect if the screen has been changed, and if so, disable the phone’s Face ID. iFixit Broadcast by PhoneTroidThis Friday.

This software control is made possible by a small chip responsible for making the connection between the screen and the phone’s operating system. In the event of a repair, the chip must be activated using a tool reserved for authorized repair. They have to record the repair and attach the serial number and the screen of the phone. Many functions make repair almost impossible for a third-party technician.

Effective control

The only solution found by some minority stores: replacing the chip from the old screen to the new functional screen. But this manipulation requires at least thirty minutes of work by a skilled professional equipped with many expensive tools. “If there was so much work on every screen repair, I would give up,” said one repairman.

Note that users are not always notified about blocking their mobile’s Face ID. Only the iPhone 13s running iOS 15.1 will display a notification: “Could not activate Face ID on iPhone”. In addition, Apple has long ordered its technicians to refrain from repairing the iPhone and any support service with the battery replaced by an uncertified technician.

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