Water is made of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms. Not only is it needed for staying hydrated, but it comes with dozens of other benefits for health too such as flushing out toxins, protecting the brain, maintaining healthy blood pressure markers, etc. However, science says that it can make water a lot more helpful for health than nature. How? By adding more hydrogen molecules to it.

What is hydrogen water?

Water that has additional hydrogen molecules is called hydrogen water. Plain water is not as health-benefiting as hydrogen water because in it hydrogen molecules aren’t free, they are bound to oxygen. Hence, the body doesn’t absorb them.

In hydrogen water, these molecules are free since they are more in number. Hydrogen gas, which is added to water to create hydrogen water, doesn’t have any odor or taste. This is why water with extra hydrogen molecules tastes the same as regular water.

Health benefits of hydrogen water?

Some research backs the claims of hydrogen water companies. It shows that hydrogen water comes with anti-inflammatory properties as it is loaded with antioxidants. Hydrogen molecules in this type of water can enter every cell, every organ and improve functionality by stopping inflammation.

Hydrogen water can help one age more gracefully. It can improve the health of the bladder, the gut as well as the heart. It can lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and maintain healthy markers of good HDL cholesterol. In this manner, it can help treat metabolic syndrome and protect against chronic diseases.

The composition of this water makes it so powerful that it can also combat cancer. It can protect one from harmful radiations and may even increase longevity. Moreover, this type of water can protect brain health as well as it can fight off damaging free radical activity.

Hydrogen water can eliminate bacteria in the mouth and hence, promote overall oral health as well. It has anti-allergic properties as well and by reducing inflammation, it supports weight loss too. One can lower stress levels with this water and muscle fatigue too. This feature of hydrogen water allows it to improve athletic performance.

Price Of hydrogen water

Hydrogen water is expensive. You can get it in three ways:

  • In cans or pouches
  • In the form of capsules
  • A hydrogen water machine can also be purchased

Note that even high amounts of hydrogen for the body are not toxic. Companies selling it advertise it as free of negative side effects.

Why should you not go for hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water might have some studies speaking in its favor and none that have unearthed any adverse side effects linked to it, but a lot more research is needed to actually call it healthy. Can there really be a better alternative to plain water?

Key takeaway

They say hydrogen water is supremely beneficial for health as it boasts anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidants. However, it is also pricey and needs more research to confirm it as a better drink than water.