Lions might be kings in the jungle, but leopards ace when it comes to the style game. This print never fails to make a statement and no matter what time of the year it is, a pop of some animal print can surely make you stand out. However, unlike a white t-shirt dress, you cannot just toss on the classic print and head out without paying extra attention to the details. There’s always a set of rules defining how to wear leopard print.

The leopard print has a bad reputation. Like that one provocative, tall, and attractive lady who is a beauty to behold but is ousted by the society by being labeled immoral. Even though she has done nothing wrong, she’s kicked out for the assumptions and rumors that buzz in circles around her.

Likewise, the leopard print, it cannot be worn everywhere and is not considered the most decent piece of clothing out there. Perhaps that is what adds to its appeal too. And that is what makes you want to rock it all the more.

With this print though, pairing is always tricky. What colors should you go for, how you can keep it to a minimum, should you go bold, or should you temp the fire down? Too many questions. But more often than not the effort is always worth it in the end.

To make things easier for you, here’s how to wear the Khloe Kardashian approved leopard print without overdoing your look:

Leopard layering

Long coats, midi coats, and jackets, ‘tis the season of them all. A leopard printed upper would look lovely and not too much either. And it’s not like the print can be rocked with black only. You can wear your black leggings with a bright pink tee and throw on a leopard printed coat. Similarly, electric blue is also a great option.

Make sure to not add too many bright colors to the mix though. That would make you look too funky and a wee bit funny too. Leave that move to the professional fashionistas. When going for leopard layering, you can go for the traditional jacket, and wear a leopard printed tee or crop top beneath it. Not only will you look fancy, but your look wouldn’t be too bold either.

Leopard shoes

A steezy pair of leopard printed pumps can never go wrong. In fact, when you are in a rush and don’t have enough time to change before heading to a party, just slip your feet into a pair of strappy leopard printed sandals and walk that walk of fame. You’re sure to turn heads. For the casual look, you can invest in a pair of leopard printed slip-on sneakers.

How to Wear Leopard Print

Like bling shoes, these too add some glitz to your everyday look. After all, your shoes talk a lot about your personality. These can balance the hot and the fun part. With how cool this print is, a pair of homely leopard printed slippers is also a must-have piece. Be wild.

Leopard accessorizing

For those ladies who have not sported any leopard print piece since a long, long time, they should perhaps take slower steps. Going for a full-on silk leopard print gown carries high chances of making you look like a cray-cray woman who has run off from the sets of a ‘60’s movie. And let’s admit it, not all of us have the sense to pull off too much of this print.

What you can do, is go for a clutch or another accessory of this classic print and pair it with your casual or party look. You can rock a pair of shades with leopard printed frames. Or you can add a piece of jewelry or a hair accessory that salutes the print subtly. Another option is a leopard printed scarf. This one can never go wrong.

Leopard Basics

Ditch all the smaller pieces and show off that bold streak. For the feisty look, throw on a plain leopard shirt dress. Pair it with leather booties and a leather jacket too if the season demands. Or rock denim and leopard together. You can for white denim jeans with a leopard printed top and red heels or you can sport a leopard printed dress with a denim jacket.

Forget the top, you can tune down the leopard effect and have it too, by going for the print on print look. You can also pair your leopard printed leggings with a black top for the sleek and modern look. When it comes to styling there are many paths you can walk on, keep it subtle though because it is better to be sure than be sorry.