Know that feeling when you just want to wear what you want to wear, no care about the world, you just want to follow Lady Gaga’s footsteps, go all Miley Cyrus on everyone? I don’t. Really, haven’t ever thought such bizarre thoughts because there are some things commoners just can’t pull off. Now imagine yourself waltzing on the street covered head to toe in a fur dress. This is why you need to know the basics of how to wear fur.

We don’t know, maybe fashion in the future would allow this, but doing this in today’s world would really make you look utterly unfabulous and bear-like. That doesn’t mean that you should just get rid of faux fur because well fur is fantabulous and makes you feel really royal. Like wow, I am a queen, bow down to me everyone. Also, fur is in fashion.

Just look at all the fashion week photos, you’re bound to catch lots of furriness. If you need some inspiration on how to incorporate fur in your outfit and look classy, chic, and bold, you are at the right spot. Here is how you can rock fur this season.

The fur stole

Remember all those times you have imagined yourself sporting a fur stole draped over your shoulders elegantly, high heels, Marilyn Monroe pout, ready to conquer the world? Well, go for that look. If you think that that look would be too much, you can just casually wrap a fur stole around your neck across one shoulder. Ta-da!

The fur jacket

Talk about comfy and sophisticated awesomeness at once. This winter, get a fur coat or a fur jacket, pair it with your fitted tee and skinny jeans outfit and get out with one sole purpose: slaying. Make sure to keep the rest of the look minimal unless you are aiming for a fashion blunder, then it is up to you.

how to wear fur

The fur scarf

Having the stole in the list but not the scarf is inequality. A fur scarf is thinner and longer than a stole. Just throw the fur scarf on to immediately elevate your style. Just don’t try to wrap it around your head because no.

The fur hat

Wear a fur hat to give off the luxurious vibes. Make sure to find a fur hat that suits your face size and shape. Going for a size too big or too small can entirely ruin the look. You can even pair a fur hat with another furry accessory.

The fur boots

Fur boots and booties are totally in vogue. Apart from the New York Fashion Week, many celebrities including Cara Delevingne have been spotted sporting faux fur boots. Not only do they look comfy but they are super steezy as well. These boots look best with slim fit jeans.

The fur bag

Another way you can incorporate some fur into your outfit is by carrying a fur handbag or purse. Not only is it trendy but it makes you stand out as well. If you plan on carrying a bright colored fur bag, tone down the look by matching the bag with a light-colored outfit.

Keychain or bag charm

Adding a pop of fur and color is never a bad idea. When fur is out of season but you are desperate to still want to show off some furry accessory, you can opt for a keychain or bag charm that is furry. Subtle and lovely at once. Hook on the furry bit to your purse to prettify it all the more.