Are you the sort of person who prefers to carry a blanket around with her at home when winter kicks in? Do you dread leaving your cozy blanket behind when you head out? If yes, then the blanket scarf is for you! Not only does it do a fine job of keeping you warm but you can also style it in a number of fun ways.

Many women end up confusing regular scarves for blanket scarves. For those who don’t know, the key difference is that a blanket scarf is square in shape rather than rectangle like the regular one. This season, blanket scarves are also in vogue. Of course, they are, as with a blanket scarf you can transform your look effortlessly.

Remember, the bigger, the better. This season is all about layering. Make the most of it before walking in summer. Wondering how to wear a blanket scarf? Here are some styles you can try this winter.

The traditional style

The standard way of rocking a scarf is as old as your soul but there is no denying that it is still classy. Just wear it around your neck with both the ends on the front. And that’s it, you’re ready, no effort required.

How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

The cape style

No, we’re not talking about tying the ends of the scarf in front of your neck and letting the rest of it flow behind you. Here’s how to wear a blanket scarf like a cape: you fold the scarf diagonally like a triangle and then drape it over your shoulders. Adjust it to your liking.

The kerchief style

This style was considered very trendy just a few years back. You get it by folding your scarf in half like a triangle. The pointed ends must be at the front. The rest two ends you cross behind your neck and bring forward from opposite sides.

The poncho style

The poncho style is for those moments when it is too chilly outside, and you want to wear your blanket scarf practically. You just drape the scarf over your shoulders. The look is on-trend and chic. You can also add a belt to the mix.

how to wear a blanket scarf

The infinity style

This one is also pretty easy to rock. Scrunch the scarf and wear it around your neck. Then take the ends, cross them and toss them behind. Ta-da! You’re ready.

The tie style

Also known as the neck-warmer, this one can be sported by wearing the scarf around your neck and then tying it in the front like a tie.

The shawl style

If you’re a lazy girl or someone who has the flu and would like to cover up, just wear your blanket scarf over one of your shoulders and then drape it over the other. Keeps you warm and is effortlessly snazzy too.

So now you know how you can add a blanket scarf to your look this winter, beat the chill, and look snow-meltingly hot.