Traditional methods to get rid of unwanted hair come with the risk of exposure to chemicals or skin damage. As in any other case, it is always better to go natural even when pulling out hair where you don’t want them. This brings us to the famous honey and sugar mixture for eliminating unwanted hair whether on your arms, facial skin or bikini line.

How to make the honey and sugar mixture?

Preparing this natural wax is rather easy. You need these three ingredients to get started:

  • Honey
  • White sugar
  • Lemon

Take ¼ cup of honey with one cup of sugar. Mix them well and then slowly heat the mixture. While the blend is being heated, stir it thoroughly. Once the mixture is hot enough, take the container out and sprinkle some drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice on it. Your final product should have sugar dissolved in the honey and should be amber in color.

You can also heat the mixture of honey and sugar in the microwave for 2 minutes. Don’t forget to put the mix in a container that is safe for the microwave.

A stepwise guide on how to use this mixture

The honey and sugar blend with a sprinkle of lemon is great for removing hair without the fear of negative side effects. However, if your skin is injured, inflamed or irritated then you shouldn’t use this mixture. If your skin is healthy, here are the steps to get rid of unnecessary hair through the mix:

1 – Prepare your skin

First of all, know that your hair shouldn’t be too long otherwise this technique of hair removal may not work for you. Therefore, trim extra long hairs before getting started.

Next, wash your skin with antibacterial soap. Once done, dry thoroughly. Following this, apply unscented powder so that any remaining moisture is sucked in.

2 – Apply the wax

Apply a ¼ inch thick layer of wax using a spatula. Spread it so that it is not too think. Apply in the direction of your hairs.

3 – Pull out the strip

Before application you need to cut a fabric of cotton into small strips. Once the sticky mix is on, you need to cover it with one of these cotton strips.

Press down on it for a few seconds until the blend is cool on your skin. Then pull out in the opposite direction of your hairs.

Why this mixture is better than other methods

The honey and sugar blend for hair removal is way better than other procedures for getting rid of unwanted hair. Here is a look at the pros of this method:

1 – It is natural and hence, beneficial

The honey and sugar mix works as a natural exfoliator as well. Done properly, it also removes dead skin cells. Moreover, lemon is great for your skin as well. It is a natural bleaching agent.

2 – You can use it on sensitive areas

Worried about facial hair removal or removing hair from your bikini line using conventional methods? This natural method is comparatively gentler.

3 – The hair that grows isn’t as coarse

The mix keeps your hair out of sight for 6 to 8 weeks. Following this time, the hair that regrows is less coarse. Typical hair removal methods aren’t this good to your skin or hair regrowth.