Both in your personal and your professional life, your nails play a major role. They leave a lasting impression which makes it crucial to care for your nail health. Brittle or bitten nails make it seem like you don’t care for your appearance or your hygiene. This is why it is essential to maintain nail health.

How can you do that? Many people believe that nail health is limited to getting manicures. In truth, your manicurist is unlikely to know much about good nail health and only markets treatments that do little to no good. In fact, you should even avoid getting too many harsh manicures.

This brings us to some easy tips that you should follow every day for keeping your nails healthy. Read on to know:

1 – Limit chemical exposure

Harsh chemicals can damage your nails. So, while you wouldn’t like to hear this, you shouldn’t treat your nails to different colors every single day. Give your nails a break. What’s more, many nail products actually damage your nails in the long-term.

For instance, most nail polish removers contain acetone which can harm your nails. Try to use products that don’t contain acetone or other harsh ingredients. Also, use gloves when using cleaners and other such home products.

2 – Moisturize your nails

A great part of maintaining your nail health is moisturizing your nails. In this regard, keep your nail bed and cuticles moisturized. You can rub on a lotion every time after washing your hands. Moisturizing your nails will strengthen them.

It will also make your cuticles healthier. You can use oils for this purpose too. Olive, coconut or another oil can help. You can rub the oil on before bed and cover your nails. Or you can dip your nails in the oil for 10 good minutes.

3 – Protect your cuticles

The purpose of your cuticles is to protect your nails which is why you should protect them. Unfortunately, many women are unaware of the role that cuticles play in nail health which is why they don’t give a second thought when their cuticles are pushed back during a manicure.

This is done purely for cosmetic purposes. Because from the point of view of your nail’s health, your damaging your cuticles gives bacteria and fungi an entry way. Keeping your cuticles moisturized will lower the odds of chipping and cracking.

4 – Don’t bite or peel nails

Biting or peeling your nails will weaken them. When you bite your nails, you also ruin their shape. Same goes for peeling them. Apart from ruining the shape, biting also increases the odds of chipping and breakage. Even if you have hangnails, don’t pull them out.

Instead, file your nails. And while at it, file them in one direction. Moreover, use the correct filer. A high-grade filer may damage your nails. A better idea is to pick a fine-grade filer.

5 – Take biotin

Biotin, which is a part of the B vitamins family, can strengthen your nails. Research is in its favor in this regard. It is also good for your hair and may boost your central nervous system. You will need to take biotin regularly because it is water-soluble and hence, not stored in your body.

You can take a natural source of biotin such as legumes or you can add a supplement to your diet. If you plan on the second option, don’t forget to consult your doctor before adding the supplement to your routine.

6 – Keep your nails on the shorter side

Longer nails are more prone to chipping, cracking, splitting, and peeling. To save your nails from any such occurrence, keep them trimmed. You should regularly trim your nails so that they don’t increase too much in length and remain healthy as well.

Longer nails are also not a good idea because they store more dirt. It is not unlikely for your nails to collect dirt from wherever your hands touch.

7 – Don’t forget to eat healthy

Your nails need nutrition too. Consume a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and legumes. Some of these are rich in antioxidants which protect cells by means of fighting free radical damage. Other essential nutrients they provide include magnesium, which reduces nail ridges.

You also need iron in your diet as it strengthens your nails. Don’t miss out on staying hydrated as that can significantly affect your health, including nails.

8 – Avoid dipping your nails in water

When doing home chores, keep your nails covered. Cleaning your house, gardening, and other such activities increase the chances of your nails getting cuts and chips. Be particularly careful when you are doing the dishes or laundry.

These do involve putting your hands in the water which can make your nails brittles. Therefore, while you should drink water, water directly is not good for your nails.

9 – Don’t hesitate in going to the doctor

If you notice any discoloration or some other odd thing about your nails, go to the doctor. Many people make the mistake of ignoring nail related problems which is the wrong move. Unresolved problems often go bigger.

One common issue that nails face is fungus. Fungal infections don’t take time to spread which is why it is important to consult a doctor. Also, take care of the cleanliness of your nails.

Taking care of your nails is crucial. For this, make sure your nails are strong enough. Brittle nails don’t take any time in getting damaged which adversely affects your self-esteem.