Breast sagging can strip a woman of her confidence and make her feel insecure about her appearance. However, it is only natural for the breasts to change shape and size over time. Breast tightening surgeries are very common. Good news? It’s not like you cannot save your breasts from loosening further and getting into a worse shape without having to go for medical procedures and creams.

When do breasts start sagging?

It is believed that breast sagging occurs in one’s forties. However, in actuality, it cannot be said that there is a particular age in which breasts start to loosen. When breast sagging occurs, varies from one person to another.

What causes breasts to sag?

Breast sagging happens due to weight fluctuations or when a woman fails to take proper care of her breasts. Which means that she does not wear a comfortable bra or positions herself in a way that it negatively impacts the firmness of her breasts. Also, normally, heavier breasts sag faster.

Following are some other common causes of breast sagging:

  • Smoking
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Menopause
  • Illnesses such as breast cancer
  • Strenuous exercises

How to make your breasts tight – home remedies

These days there are several surgical procedures that a person can go for in order to tighten sagging breasts. However, all such methods are accompanied by harmful side effects which proves that these processes are not worth the amount of bucks they demand.

A better idea? Trying home remedies. There are several simple massaging tricks that require natural ingredients for making breasts firm again. This way, there is no fear of adverse side effects either. Moreover, there are little to no costs.

Following are some home remedies that can naturally tighten sagging breasts


Eggs are rich sources of nutrients and hence, can serve breast tightening purposes. There are a few ways you can use eggs as part of your breast lifting routine. Firstly, you can apply a mask of cucumbers and egg yolks.

The cucumber in the blend can tone skin while the egg yolk contains vitamins and proteins that can make skin firmer. Secondly, you can also simply apply egg whites which contain hydro lipids that can tighten breasts.


Packed with anti-aging properties, pomegranate can also be used for perking up sagging breasts. Pomegranate seed oil can be massaged on breasts for up to 15 minutes.

Pomegranate contains phytonutrients that can make breasts firmer. Alternatively, dried pomegranate peel can be powdered and mixed with mustard or neem oil too. This paste can be applied, massaged, and then washed off.


This ayurvedic herb has been used for firming breasts for a long time. Fenugreek not only lifts breasts up, but it also smoothens the skin. It can be applied in the form of a paste.

To prepare this paste, you can mix the powder in water. Then, apply and let it stay for up to 10 minutes. Fenugreek can also be mixed with yoghurt and egg yolks for lifting up loose breasts.

Olive oil:

An olive oil massage can also help tighten saggy breasts. Olive oil contains fatty acids and antioxidants that allow it to not only solve the problem of breast sagging but also enable it to improve the tone and texture of the breast skin.

Olive oil should be massaged in upward motions after rubbing the hands together for heat generation. The massage should last 15 minutes. This would enable blood flow which would encourage cell repair. Other essential oils can also be used in a similar way for tightening breasts.


One of the most convenient home remedies for tightening your breasts is using ice cubes. The cold temperature contracts breast tissues and therefore, makes breasts firm again.

You can use two ice cubes and massage one on each in upward circular motions. Since ice cubes are easily available, not much effort is required.

Shea butter:

Massaging your breasts with shea butter four to five times a week is another great way to firm your breasts. Shea butter contains antioxidants that fight free radical damage. Moreover, shea butter also contains vitamin E in abundance.

Vitamin E can tighten loose breasts. Massage shea butter on your breasts for 10 minutes straight. After that, let it rest for another 10 minutes before washing it off with water.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is an effective remedy for breast tightening. It comes with anti-aging properties and is known for the wonderful skin benefits it provides. Aloe Vera nourishes and tightens breasts.

It’s gel can be massaged on for noticeable results. This gel should be left to stay for 15 minutes on the breasts after the massage. Then it can be washed off.


Last but not the least, there are certain exercises that you can follow to lift up your breasts. These exercises include chest presses and pulls, dumbbell flyes, etc.

You can join a gym or workout at home. You can simply visit a YouTube fitness instructor’s channel online that can instruct you on which exercises would help you in this situation. Be sure to wear a comfy sports bra when working out.

Other tips that you should keep in mind

There are ways you can prevent or delay breast sagging. These include the following:

  • Wear a comfortable bra which is neither too tight nor too loose
  • Limit sun exposure. Sunlight can damage the breasts and cause sagging
  • Go for yoga. Yoga improves posture and prevents breast sagging
  • A healthy, balanced diet can also play a key role in preventing breasts from sagging

Key takeaway

Breast sagging can occur due to several reasons. It happens when the breasts lose their elasticity. You don’t have to have to go for surgery to correct the issue. You can simply try some home remedies that can be of help in tightening breasts. Pomegranate, aloe vera, olive oil, eggs, ice, fenugreek, and shea butter are some ingredients that can be of help. Over and above that, prevent breast sagging by wearing a comfortable bra which fits.