Love makes you blind. You are not able to see whether the person standing in front of you is good or bad, whether he is even the right one for you. This is why so many women fall for the wrong men, completely ignoring all the red flags.

But how to know he is the right one in the first place? Is there some checklist to cross traits off from? Well, there can be. If you’re looking for something of that sort, here is a list of 6 signs he is the right one for you:

1 – You both can communicate with one another openly

Communication is the key to make any relationship work. However, communication is not just about talking, it is about listening and understanding as well. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at the last two. If you feel like your man is someone you can easily open up with about even your worst nightmares, decisions, flaws then he truly is the right one for you.

At the same time, he should also be able to be vulnerable with you and talk about not just his best moments but his worst ones too. If you are able to communicate with him but he is not able to be honest with you then there is a problem in the relationship that is not being addressed. Your relationship is only smooth if you are both equally honest with one another.

2 – You are both supportive of one another

Relationships should not be about jealousy and competition. Those things eventually wear you down make you want to leave one another. Friendly challenges are good, but if there is even a miniscule amount of envy in either of your hearts, then you both are not okay for one another.

For a long-term relationship to last, both the involved parties must be supportive of each other’s dreams. If the man you’re with doesn’t force his decisions down your throat, if he supports your aspirations, then he is someone that you shouldn’t let go of.

3 – He is a grown, mature, and independent man

A key pointer that a lot of people miss is that a man should always be mature. Many people shove maturity under the rug when it comes to men by saying that men are always going to be immature. But the man of the house must always be someone who is mature enough to be able to be serious about matters that need attention and addressing.

Moreover, your man should also be independent. He shouldn’t be someone who is a financial burden on his parents or an emotional load on someone else. The right man is someone who needs you to be in his life in all the right ways, someone who is not just using you.

4 – He doesn’t negatively judge you or your life

It’s a clear red sign if the person you are with laughs at your situation mockingly. A person who loves you wouldn’t view you in the negative light or put you down just because he doesn’t think you’re good enough. So, if he’s the right man you would be comfortable with him.

You wouldn’t be scared of talking to him about your issues in the fear that he would judge you. You would be able to hang out with him even without your makeup or at your worst without feeling like he would dislike your real self.

5 – He fights for you rather than against you

A man who loves you truly would fight for you. However, several times what happens is that we come across men who truly do love you but don’t have the guts to fight for you. As sad as that is, such a man is not the right one because he would never be able to stand up for you if or when the time comes.

The right man will be able to fight with you and for you when it comes to the right things. If you are wrong, he wouldn’t resort to publicly insulting but would choose to privately tell you the right thing. He wouldn’t always be picking fights with you on petty matters or serious issues too.

6 – He would respect your privacy and your boundaries

To make any relationship work, there also needs to be a little bit of space. You and your man need both be willing to give each other space. If your man constantly tries to invade your space, control your life in even the smallest of ways, then that’s a red flag.

The right person would respect your space and your boundaries. What’s more, he would also keep your secrets secret. The right man wouldn’t publicize the problems you both face as a couple but would sort them out privately.

So, these were the key signs that the man you are with is the right one for you. Do you have any more to add?