How to help a friend or family member who is dealing with obesity:

People do not realize this but being obese is an illness. A disease that is difficult to deal with and will not get eliminated from your life with the help of medicines. There is no medical treatment in this world that will help you out in getting rid of the obese body that you have and this makes it worse! Even though a lot of people consider surgical treatments a way to get rid of obesity but they are unaware of the issues that they might have to deal with later on in their lives if they go for such extreme measures.

Being obese is not normal and people who have to deal with this find it a little difficult to manage their piece of mind. If you have a friend or a family member dealing with such issue, you need to make sure that you modify your behavior with him/her. People going through such health concerns deal with lack of motivation and you need to enhance their will power and determination to lose the weight!

1) Be Calm and Persistent

Helping out your obese friend is not going to be easy. The issue is that our society doesn’t accept people who do not fit into the stereotypes of perfect looking people and looks down upon them. This makes obese people irritated, furious, and infuriated. At first when you would try to help your friend, it is a possibility that he / she might not like that. They might get irritated and feel like you are stepping into their privacy. This is the reason you should be calm and persistent in your own behavior.

2) Focus on health rather than looks

When you try to help your friend out in the process of losing weight, tell him that he is doing that too be healthy rather than to look good. If you would tell him that he should lose weight so that he starts looking better than before, you might end up making him conscious of his looks. Just focus on health and looks will follow!

3) Do not advice them all the time

There is a possibility that you would want to advice your friend to eat a certain food item and avoid one with good intentions but your friend might not like the constant nagging. Constantly telling your friend as to what should he eat and what should he avoid might infuriate him so be super nice to your friend while helping him out in such situation!

Getting rid of the extra fat is surely a difficult task. A lot of people lose the motivation as soon as they get mocked by someone. As a friend or family member, you need to be supportive and empathetic to the person struggling with weight issues. Avoid all kinds of mocking and body-shaming, even if you feel like they are in a good spirit. Gifting your friend a gym membership and joining it for his/her company would be a great way to start this process.