From flaunting it at your college, wearing it at parties to pulling it up for the errands you have to run, your jeans are probably your most-treasured wardrobe staple. Where would the world even be without jeans? However, picking the right pair of denim pants is not easy as taking one that looks prettiest from the racks – not if you give a care about the cash going out of your wallet.

This is why we’ve got for you a simple guide on how you can select the right pair of jeans, one that will surely last you a long, long time. Here goes:

1 – Is the size right?

First things first, always purchase a pair of jeans that suits you perfectly well. If you don’t know your waist’s measurements, go ahead and note that down. If you measure 24.5, get a 24. Try the pair in the changing room. Make sure that:

  • You are able to put a finger or two in its waistband when you have it worn to ensure it is not too tight
  • And that you cannot insert your hand in the waistband. If you can, then the pair is too loose

2 – Does it look good on your body shape?

Different types of body shapes have different jeans styles suiting them more. For curvy babes, a high-waisted option would look dope. Flared jeans or wide-legged ones would go perfectly on plus-size ladies while cropped ones suit the flat butted ones.

3 – Does it have the right kind of embellishments?

Many women don’t feel their most confident selves in skinny jeans because they think it makes them appear too flat. If you fall in the same category, you can try jeans that have pockets and zippers. However, avoid ones that have embroidery or pearls. Such adornments only limit the number of times you can wear the same jeans.

4 – Is the rise okay?

Is the jeans too tight in the crotch area? If it’s outright uncomfortable, get another pair of jeans don’t go one size up or down. If it’s just skintight, don’t worry. The material of denim is such that it stretches out in a few wears. Regarding the rise also make sure that you get a mid-rise unless of course, a high-rise doesn’t bother you.  Here’s how to find the crotch area is comfy:

  • Look at yourself in the try room from all angles
  • Do a squat to see if the pair is uncomfortably tight so much so that it is digging into your skin

5 – Is the length alright?

Last but not the least, make sure you get the right length. But if the right length doesn’t come with the right waist width, then don’t worry. You can also get the length hemmed by a professional. Or if you have the skill, do it yourself.