Time and again you must have heard the importance of wearing sunscreen all the freaking time. Yep, I know, sounds annoying. But really, if you want to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, you need round-the-clock sun protection.

This means you should wear sunscreen even in the winters, even when you’re just headed to office to spend the entire day in your cubicle. And yes, this also translates to having to reapply the sunscreen every time you fear it must have become ineffective. Skipping on sunscreen is not an option because the sun’s rays are pretty harmful. They can cause skin cancer and accelerate the skin aging process. Quite sure you want to say hello to dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles anytime soon.

Though sunscreens on shelves have a long life, the same cannot be said about when you put them on your face. Thank perspiration and long hours for that. But, wait right there – how do you even apply sunscreen when you have makeup on? Wouldn’t you get a cakey look by doing that?

Use SPF Makeup

When first applying makeup in the morning, start with wearing sunscreen. Remember to not immediately paint on your makeup after that. Give at least 20 minutes to the sunscreen to adjust and then put on your foundation or moisturizer. This will prevent a cakey look and it will also ensure the sunscreen’s effectiveness.

As for reapplication, if you happen to have to reapply both that shouldn’t be a problem, you know the protocol. However, if you just need to refresh your sunscreen, you can always make use of makeup that comes with an in-built SPF. In this regard, mineral makeup is a great option. You can use a foundation or a setting powder with sunscreen which will make reapplication a piece of cake.

You can also go for a BB cream with ample SPF for serving the purpose. Don’t like the above options? Just add a few drops of sunscreen oil to your current foundation and go. You’re all covered. However, keep in mind that makeup with SPF when you first apply is not enough.

You also need a coat of sunscreen because you can never be sure if your makeup provides ample sun coverage. Also note that applying an SPF 15 foundation with an SPF 30 sunscreen provides SPF 30 coverage, not SPF 45.

Use Different Sunscreen Products

If you think SPF makeup is not the best option, you can go for a different kind of sunscreen for easy reapplication. First off, you can make use of a tinted sunscreen which will eliminate the need for a foundation. You can also use powder sunscreen to reply it at random spots from where it has come off. You can resort to using spray sunscreens as well. Applying a sunscreen mist is easy-peasy.

However, your first layer should always be a sunscreen lotion or cream. Other types are only good for reapplication as they don’t always offer maximum coverage. Explore a bit and you will be able to find many different, excellent products that offer great sun protection. Don’t forget to ensure that your sunscreen has these qualities when picking one!