How difficult can it be to wash your face? You’d think that rubbing on some facewash and washing it off with water is an act that comes naturally. However, did you know that several people are doing it wrong unknowingly?

Not because they shouldn’t be applying the cleanser on in a circular motion or should be using something other than it for washing their face but because they make simple mistakes that rob the act of its purpose.

How often should you wash your face?

Washing your face too many times a day can lead to dryness and wrinkles. However, not washing it enough is also a bad idea as it can make grease, dirt, grime, and makeup collect. This can birth skin problems such as acne even. Experts have two opinions regarding how many times should you wash your face in a day. A lot believes that washing your face once before sleeping is suffice.

According to these skin specialists, you don’t need to wash your face in the morning unless needed because the layer of natural oils on your face is essential to ward off more pollutants from entering. The second opinion is that you should wash your face twice, once when you wake up and once before you head to bed.

This allows you to rub off the dirt that accumulates overnight while you catch zzz and it also washes off the makeup and pollutants that get attached to your skin throughout the day. Your pillows typically lend germs to your facial skin which is why washing your face when you wake up is crucial. Washing your face more than twice is typically not needed.

Tips for washing your face correctly

Not only the number of times but how you wash your face also matters. By washing it incorrectly you can more harm your skin more than do it good. Here are some simple tips that you must follow when washing your face. These will ensure that you make the most of it:

1 – Use the right product

The facewash you should use, of course, depends on your skin type. Normally, cream cleansers are recommended because of their hydrating nature. However, if your skin is oily, you may want to choose a gel cleanser. If your skin is acne prone, get the facewash recommended particularly for your skin by your dermatologist. Some people need cleansers that have a balanced pH while others require fragrance-free facewashes. The right skincare products can make all the difference.

2 – Wash with warm water

Using hot water for washing your face is not a good idea as that can leave your skin dry even though it allows for better cleansing by opening your pores. Temperature control is key when washing your face. Too hot or too cold water can trigger outbreaks which is why it is recommended to use lukewarm to cool water. Moreover, extreme water temperature is also uncomfortable.

3 – Lather in upward and inward circular motions

Massaging on facewash in the wrong way while washing your face can form fine lines or wrinkles. Most people do not pay attention to their finger movement when they apply facewash or another skincare product. Applying skincare products in a downward and outward motion can cause skin to sag. On the flip side, lathering on cleanser gently in an inward and upward clockwise direction can keep your skin tight and elastic.

4 – Wash your hands first

What’s the point of washing off the grime off your face with dirty fingers? You are only lathering on more harmful particles. This is why you must always wash your face with clean hands. Wash your hands first thoroughly before you move to washing your face to ensure that you are not killing the whole point of washing your face.

5 – Being Too quick or too slow

Your speed and intensity when it comes to washing your face also matters. Don’t rush so much so that you hardly lather on any facewash and just apply and remove it within a second. Also, do not keep aggressively scrubbing for too long. The former doesn’t clean off grime and dirt while the latter can be too harsh.

6 – Use a new or washed washcloth

Most people, what they do, when they are done with washing their face is that they dry off the excess water using the towel that they make use of while showering or by using a used washcloth. It is not recommended to dry your face with an unwashed washcloth because that piece would have the grime collected from the previous day. You can buy a set of washcloths for daily use or get your face towel washed daily.

7 – Dry off gently

Don’t be too rough with the towel or washcloth when patting your face dry. Several people, when in a hurry, are too harsh with the way they pat their skin dry. Being gently is necessary because you don’t want to irritate and damage your skin in the process of drying it off. You can also pat your facial skin with your hands to dry it out.

8 – Apply moisturizer immediately

Once you are done washing your face, be quick with applying a moisturizer on. If you wait too long, your skin’s surface will start dehydrating. By applying a moisturizer immediately after washing your face, you lock the moisture in and keep your skin hydrated and fresh-looking for longer. Be sure to apply the moisturizer in the same upward and inward clockwise motion.

Key takeaway

Washing your face might seem like an easy-peasy task until you do some research and realize that you have been doing it wrong all along. Some steps that you shouldn’t miss when washing your face include picking the right products, being gentle and lathering on the facewash for just the right amount of time and using a new or clean washcloth for drying. Don’t forget to wash your face twice a day once when you wake up and once before you sleep.