No one enjoys being overweight. From not being able to fit into your own clothes to worrying about the people who won’t stop mocking you, being fat doesn’t come with one but several challenges.

You tend to feel uncomfortable in your skin and have to deal with people who remind you of all the many health concerns that you’re at risk of developing because of your excess pounds. At the same time, you also know that these people aren’t wrong; if you don’t do anything about the fats in your folds they may cause heart problems, arthritis, and more.

Now if you’re overweight you’d have heard that lemon water can come to your rescue. The vitamin C enriched drink is lauded for its weight loss benefits, but does it really work? They say if you drink warm water with a few drops of lemon and a wee bit of honey early in the morning on an empty stomach, you can shed some serious amount of pounds.

But how exactly does the drink do that? Let’s dive into this below:

1 – It’s a low-calorie drink that reduces overall calorie intake

Lemon water is low in calories which explains one way it supports weight loss. If you add half a lemon to warm water, it would only account for six calories. Moreover, some research even shows that drinking a low-calorie drink with meals can reduce the overall calories consumed. Therefore, instead of drinking sugar-laden beverages switch to alternatives such as this one.

2 – It encourages fat loss by hydrating the body

Bored of drinking plain water all the time? You can go for lemon water for a change and stay hydrated all the same. Studies reveal that staying hydrated can encourage fat burning and hence, support weight loss. It can also reduce water retention which means it can reduce the tummy bulge that happens due to the bloating caused by it.

3 – It boosts metabolism

Lemon water also boosts metabolic activity. Staying hydrated properly is in itself a metabolism booster as it triggers the working of mitochondria. They say drinking lemon water can induce thermogenesis which is a process of metabolism in which calories are burned for heat production. This is yet another way lemon water can help melt off excess pounds.

4 – It can make one feel fuller for longer

Drinking lemon water also promotes feelings of fullness and satiates hunger. As one’s hunger is suppressed, he is less likely to indulge in overeating which shows an overall reduction in calorie intake and consequent weight gain. Regular water has the same effect as it can also make one feel fuller and control overeating.

Is it more effective than regular water when it comes to weight loss?

Plain water also helps with weight loss the same way lemon water does. Lemon water doesn’t have any upper hand over plain water other than an enhanced taste. So, if you want to lose weight, you can also simply stay more hydrated. Plain water can also boost metabolism and suppress appetite.

Wrap up thoughts

If you want to lose weight, no beverage can help you magically shed off excess pounds. It’s necessary to follow a suitable diet plan and work out to be able to see results. Unhealthy foods should be avoided at all costs.

Drinking more water or lemon water can definitely prove to be helpful. However, let’s not forget that too much lemon comes with negative side effects which is why lemon water should be consumed in moderation. Plain water, though? This drink is entirely safe.