5 Easy Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Considering the high level of crisis that the World is going through currently, getting anxious is a normal deal. People are catching the COVID disease, getting ill, losing their loved ones, getting unemployed and what not. In such a situation, even a normal and happy-go-lucky person is bound to get depressed. People who are a bit more sensitive compared to others tend to get affected by it more than others.

If you are someone who is also dealing with anxiety these days, there are a few tips that can help you deal with it.

Get more physical

Focusing on physical activities aids people in dealing with stress quite well. It is the simplest, yet most effective way to reduce the level of anxiety one may be feeling. All your emotional stress can be reduced with the help of a bit of exercise.

However, make sure not to overdo it. Over-exercising tends to increase the secretion of cortisol hormone in the body, which leads to enhanced level of stress. Yoga is the best way to get rid of anxiety, but it will take its time to be effective.

Weight training and running are also some ways to deal with this issue.

Stay away from the possible stressors

Tow major stressors that tend to affect people dealing with anxiety are social media and constant news reporting. In the current scenario when every other news is about the rise in the COVID cases, it is a great choice to stay away from all such news sources.

Try to concentrate on the good things in life. Make sure to avoid the sources of news, as they are known to enhance the anxiety of a person.

Find a hobby

The clue here is to reduce thinking about that one thing which keeps you anxious all the time. This can be done by adopting a hobby. When you have a hobby, you will be indulged into it, and will automatically stop thinking about that worrying thing.

Reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie, gardening,  or any other hobby like that can aid you in this situation.

Talk to a friend

Venting your heart out and telling a trusted friend about everything that is bothering you is quite a Succesful method of dealing with anxiety. Put your friend’s phone number on speed dial, and talk to him whenever you feel like something is really bothering you.

If you do not have a close friend or do not feel comfortable talking to one, you can choose a family member. A sibling or a parent would be a source of great strength for you. They will tell you exactly what to do to divert your mind.

Read self-help books

Reading is a great way to divert your mind. You can choose a book from your favorite genera. However, self-help books aid a lot when you are dealing with anxiety. They provide you ideas as to how can you come out of this situation easily.