Monochrome is in fashion, but you don’t necessarily have to sport entirely plain outfits. Splatters of patterns on clothing are what make the dress stand out. You’re too young and too bubbly to wear dull clothes; wear lively prints that make you stand out! Even queens wear popping patterned ensembles every once in a while. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is prominent; sometimes subtle is more than enough.

Every year we have some new prints that are in vogue. But there are some fashions that don’t come and go; they stick around forever. It is a must to have these timeless pieces sitting in your closet. Here are six hot prints that are in these days, as seen in the Fashion Weeks. However, these prints aren’t just trendy but evergreen. You wouldn’t have to stuff them deep inside your closet as time brings forward new patterns.


Do you think jeans can ever be out of trend? No, right? Same goes for stripes. Black and white or black and yellow, this print is for every season and for every reason. Not only does it cheer up your look, but it can serve you forever. Pair it up with another plain clothing item or even a print. They say this is one print that you should keep close in case of sudden plans.

Polka dots

Vintage with a light shade of beige base with black polka dots, whimsical in black and white, or eye-catching in bright tones, a polka-dotted piece is going to be your best friend. In fact, this is the print that you must have around at all times. Every time you can’t decide how to doll up yourself, you can pair a polka print with a plain item, paste on red lipstick, sketch on a perfectly winged eyeliner and win the day!

Floral print

Fabulous flowery prints have been occupying the center spot on the podium since last year and rightfully so. Not only are botanical prints oh-so-feminine but they are also chic. Even combat boots have been coming in floral prints, giving toughness some girlie vibes. We think that now that floral prints have made a space for themselves, they won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Animal prints

Cheetah print, leopard print, peacock print, tiger print or zebra print, there is just so many ways you can wear a classy animal print. But never make two mistakes; the first being combining two prints in one outfit and the second being overdoing the look. You don’t want to look like a wild animal freed from the zoo. Recently Zalando gave us major style pointers on how to wear leopard print on print classily.

Pop art

The best thing that we have seen in the recent years is that the appreciation for art, no matter how minimal it is, has increased greatly. Luckily, artistic prints are trending and for those who prefer style over fashion, pop art prints will really have a permanent place in their hearts and cupboards alike. This print carries this decade’s aesthetic appeal, one that cannot be challenged as it is unique in its own way.


Plaid is so popular that men and women alike sport this print. There is not a moment this print has hidden behind the shadows. These days plaid skirts and trench coats have taken over the fashion community like a spell. You can easily mix and match plaid printed pieces. And with winter breezing in, you better get one for yourself as well.