We love his lashes, his laugh, and his unforgettable, unmatchable ripped bod. But what we love even more is the talent he brings to the table. Oh, and let’s not forget his manners. Chris Evans is one heck of a wonderful actor, a gentleman, one who never misses the chance to make fangirls drool. Unfortunately, though, we don’t get to catch him in the news all too often.

We know that the Avengers star is a lover of pooches. We also know that he is passionate about whatever he directs his attention at. He’s a family man who spends time at his home in Massachusetts quite a bit. What we don’t know are the details of his love-related matters. This is one private man we’re talking about. Evans doesn’t like disclosing the deets of what’s going on in his personal life.

This means there’s not a lot of paparazzi-caught pictures of him. Even though he is such a big name in Hollywood that some of his past girlfriends have had trouble keeping up with his level of fame. Good thing his latest movie Knives Out will be in cinemas in November in the United States. With all the talk about this movie in town, we’ve started to notice more pictures and vids of the actor on social media. To kick off promotions, the movie had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this Saturday.

So far the critics who have watched the entertaining murder-mystery are impressed. Clearly, Chris Evans’ career is not seeing a downfall after his departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For all the fans out of his, there’s another good news in addition to the success of his upcoming masterpiece – several of Evans pictures have been captured.


We won’t lie to you, our Steve Rogers looks quite a decent yet charming, fashionable dude in the snaps shot of him. Just take a look at the many fan pages that are dedicated to his news and you will be able to see the look he sported at TIFF. Chris Evans, who plays a vile character in Knives Out, can be seen in a brown jacket, white shirt, and plaid pants at the red carpet premiere of the film.

The 38-year-old can be seen with his brown hair swept back, rocking a beard. Twitter definitely loved his impeccable style. One person tweeted, “I have a crazy crush on this handsome actor.” Another typed, “There’s no scarcity of physically attractive celebs in Hollywood. But what differentiates #ChrisEvans from others is his authentic sunshine personality and the way he carries himself. This is something you can’t fake, it comes from within. Classy is sexy.”

Not only his outfit, Evans also won hearts once again by giggling the way he does and just by simply being himself. Are you planning on watching his upcoming movie? Knives Out will be out on 27/11. Be sure to mark the date on your calendar for this movie in which Evans will play the foul-mouthed, despicable heir and grandson of a novelist who apparently commits suicide.