January 17, 2022

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Hollow Infinite: Did separate content leak through MegaConstructs? We are participating! | Xbox One

Is ten days from the start of the campaignThe halo is infinite Is available, and it can be said that many players rushed to learn the new chapter of Master Chief Adventures. Those who have reached the latter conclusion are well aware that there are many gray areas in the story that we would like to illuminate. Maybe this will happen through extensions?

Is a separate DLC possible for Halo Infinite?

Prior to the release of Hollow Infinite, 343 Industries reiterated its desire to revive the game for 10 years. If multiplayer can easily imagine new maps, return to game modes, but welcome new ones, what about single player?

When Eurocomer Joseph asked Staten if the developers were going to add separate content.

Well, unfortunately today I can not say anything about this! But I can tell you that Hollow Zeta, the new ring you have, is the most mysterious of all the hollow rings in the Hollow universe. It holds millions of years of secrets. This is definitely a very rich place to create new stories. We look forward to exploring them in the future. But nothing can be said about it today.

Considering the many unsolved mysteries of the Hollow Infinite campaign, it is reasonable to think that more stories will be added in the future.

Return Agent Lock?

What would Hollow fans do without Mega Constructs ? You know that toy builder who leaks content from future Hollow games. Most recently, the brand announced new Hollow Infinite statues, about elements that are not in the game.

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Thus we see copies of the light of Sangelios, Decimus, Ramos, Spartan Linda-058 and Agent Lock. This is surprising as not all of his characters in the other episodes of Saga appear in any way in Hollow Infinite.

Designed to be like the Hollow Infinite, this agent lock is fitted for micro action figure warfare.

Agent Locke’s case is of particular interest to us because it can be seen as part of his clothing series. Hollow Nightfall. On top of that, he wears a DMR Hollow 5 Guardians, Currently unarmed at Hollow Infinite.

However, its name may be Noted Approaching a campaign tower. We have confirmed that Hyperius is actually wearing his armor pieces. Hollow 5: What happened to this main character in The Guardians?

It may not seem impossible for the studio to one day deliver content dedicated to Agent Lock, but his attire on Mega Constructs questions. Perhaps the words “designed to appear in Hollow Infinite” are incorrect.

However, these characters should not be taken as evidence of their return to the Hollow Infinite. In the meantime, you now have the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | You can enjoy the campaign on Steam and Microsoft Store on S and PC. Of course, the game is included Xbox Game Boss, PC Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.