If it’s a long weekend, holiday season or simply a Monday night and you want to escape the cruel reality, you might grab a good book or you can just simply login to Netflix and get ready to indulge into a profound TV Show. Snuggle up and you can get to watch from a classic comedy, to thriller, to a sweet romance, skipping to a new episode every hour. Just don’t forget to eat and sleep in between.

If you’re trying to figure out exactly which original show to binge-watch next, here’s a great place to start with a look at.

Breaking Bad

This show is the most awesome show to ever exist without any debate. Breaking Bad has a complex plot line that unveils slowly till the end, yet the show has the ability to keep the audience hooked from the start of Walter White’s story till the end. From a high-school chemistry teacher to a drug-manufacturer, this show has shook us, hence it’s our Number One show ever.

The Crown

This is the most engaging historic show on Netflix right now. The Crown has such a strong plot-line that grapples the audience with sudden twists that are hard to believe they actually happened. The show focuses on Queen Elizabeth II with the prospect of building the world’s most powerful monarchy. It gives an inside look at the reign of the queen and rivalries. Definitely a thumbs up from our side.

Stranger Things

This show had everyone hooked up to it when it released in 2016. The science-fiction horror is spooky and some scenes may give you goosebumps. A small town unveiling a series of secret experiments, super-natural creatures, and disappearance of certain people, Stranger Things will keep you thrilled. The main cast revolves around young teenage kids who all need a big shout out for their superb performances.

The Office

This is the show for you if you want to spend your evening laughing. The awkward sitcom with a stellar cast is the best office-based comedy and romance. The episodes are cute and a good laugh. A revival might be on its ways, so it’s high time for you to watch the previous seasons to get in touch with the plot.

Orange Is the New Black

Orange is the new black is that one show that is everything from being funny, to realistic, to deep. The prison-based show humanizes felons, thieves, and murderers and show the fact that life goes on no matter where you are. It is really addictive so you will end up watching seven eight episodes on a go.

Sense 8

The science-fiction drama is captivating with its unique plot. Eight strangers around the globe find themselves connected on different levels and pursue answers, while saving themselves from a mysterious organization hunting them down. The show has been shot in different cities of the world, so get ready to see glimpses of London, Nairobi, and even Mumbai.

House of Cards

Another great show that covers a dark plot consisting of treason, cyber spies, and murders. Francis Underwood, the main lead along with his wife takes revenge from people who betrayed him. The starting seasons are phenomenal and season four definitely grabbed our attention.

Jessica Jones

This original Netflix series is about Jessica Jones, another dark Marvel character who opens her investigation center in New York. You can expect some really good action based scenarios. It is the show if you want to indulge in some Super-Hero story for adults.

The list can go on and on because we simply love to watch such marvelous shows anytime. We have covered you for some months with this list, so you can wave goodbye to boredom!