There was a time when wearing a hijab came with hate from majority of the onlookers. People believed that a scarf on the head and covering up the body was a sign that the female was suppressed. However, times are changing, and Muslim women are speaking out. They are fighting for their rights to be able to wear a hijab. And in times when change is at least happening, model Halima Aden is playing the role of a representative for hijab wearing Muslim women around the world.

This model has visited the covers of Vogue Arabia, Glamor, Allure, and many other magazines. Halima is an ambassador for UNICEF also. She has walked the ramp for Yeezy season 5 and several other fashion shows in New York and Milan. The IMG model has covered this year’s July cover for Teen Vogue mag as well. All while having her hijab on.

In an interview with CBS, the 20-year-old said, “When I got that opportunity to sign with IMG models, I made sure I wasn’t conforming.” She continued, “Our first-ever sit-down was four hours, and I did it on my own terms. Every time I go on set, I know that the people who are doing the shoot already know my requirements. They know what I can wear, they already have an understanding, and I’ve always felt safe.”

Thanks to Halima, Muslim women finally have a representative on the ramp, someone to look up to, someone who clearly shows that hijab is a choice, not forced upon. While talking to Teen Vogue, the Somali-American model said, “Growing up, I never saw magazine articles painting Muslim women in a positive light. In fact, if I saw an article about someone who looked like me, it would be the complete opposite.” More power to Halima Aden!