The wise men say that once a person enters into a political sphere nothing they do remains unpolitical. The way they sit down to eat the food they choose, or the news reporter they merely smile at during the press conferences has a deep meaning attached to it. The fashion they decide to follow and the clothes they wear may seem like an ordinary thing but a little closer view would tell us all a very different story.

Nowadays, clothes are a strategic weapon.

Melania and Ivanka are the two female political figures who wear the most strategic dresses. Both the Trump ladies rose to fame when Donald Trump became the 44th President of America. They are always in the spotlight. If you think Donald Trump was clever in his policies wait till you find out about the ladies he surrounds himself with. The First Daughter, Ivanka Trump and the First Lady of America, Melania Trump both have used their dresses and fashion choices, as a tool to send entirely different messages to the people.

Clever… right?

In marketing research there is a theory called The Theory of Association. It is represented in terms of framework. It tells about the relative association of one thing with another. How unconsciously something reminds us of another to another to another thing. This shows how the whole association network works in our mind and how without knowing a message is circulated to us that gets embedded in our brain cells.

The Trump ladies are using the associative network to send us hidden messages.

Unaware, we not only get the message but actually follow it.

Here is how it works…

Ivana Trump. The Royal Daughter… She took an unpaid job at the administration after resigning from the CEO post of her own fashion startup. Furthermore, now when she appears in public her clothes are not lavish or overly priced. She wears modest priced brands. Newspapers all over the world have highlighted her obsession with casual dresses by Zara.

While the Royal Wife, Melania Trump prefers wearing overpriced and luxurious dresses from high end fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana or Ralph Lauren. Her wardrobe remains unchanged even after wearing $51,000 coat and getting slaughtered by media critics.

This drama is staged appeal the target market upon which they both are focusing.

Ivanka wants to brand herself as a modest person to appeal to the ordinary citizen of America. She wants to present herself as the supporter of women and a voice for the middle class community. That is the reason why she prefers wearing reasonably priced cloths. The clothes she wears will help the ordinary citizen to relate more to her and the message will be conveyed that she is one of them and is loyal to her work.

After all who are we kidding, Ivanka was and is a fashion designer and owner of a lineup herself once. She knows how to play the game and she is well aware of do’s and don’ts of fashion when it comes to politics. She knows how to balance being both aspirational and relatable. Critics call it fashion acting phenomena, where the one following a certain fashion is only doing it to attract the people belonging to the same category.


There is Melania Trump.

She is the total opposite. Her all clothes are extra expensive and everything she owns is gold plated. The Trump supporters are with him because he appears super cool and carefree and has branded himself as influential and superior to all other living things in the world. In order to appeal to people who like Trump for being so full of himself and proud, Melania Trump has chosen the fashion path entirely different than her own daughter. She has to look royal and act royal and be royal. The dress has to be expensive even if she is uncomfortable in it.


Fashion is God. Dresses are a strategic weapon.

Melaina and Ivanka have different goals when it comes to fashion and these goals compliment their political motives as well. Melaina has to look luxurious well because she’s Trump’s wife and he is the best. America is the best. That’s why America is First. On the other hand, if Ivanka is going to continue her role in the Trump Administration as an activist or advocate for middle class she will have to look more relatable to them and not her mother.

Different political motives mean different dresses,

Let’s see how the fashion priorities shape the politics of America.