Herpes Blitz Protocol is a program introduced and developed by Josh Parker, an ex-US Marine. To understand how this program works and how it can help treat herpes, as the name suggests, one must first get to know about herpes, its effects, and possible treatments.

Herpes is an unpleasant infection in which warts and sores appear all over your body. This is not only unhygienic, but it also hurts physically and makes one conscious about themselves. As after all, it impacts your looks and personality as well.

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Patients and victims of herpes, usually give up hope when it comes to its treatment and remedy. If you are one of them, then worry no more. Herpes Blitz Protocol has the potential to safely and successfully treat herpes, that too naturally without any harmful chemicals.

The Perspective

Josh Parker formulated this program into an all-natural and 100% safe solution that will not only eliminate herpes but will also ensure that it does not return, with its causes completely destroyed. This protocol is not a surgical procedure or a couple of pills, rather its more of a diet plan or chart that uses three natural ingredients of Moroccan origin, namely curcumin, quercetin, and resveratrol to treat herpes.

Given Josh’s military and research background, he came across this solution for herpes while he was working with another team on a classified research project. He then took his accidental finding and further conducted an in-depth analysis of it, which proved its efficacy. Its potency can be proved from the fact that ever since its inception, over 64,000 individuals all across the world have gotten rid of herpes while using this protocol.

The Miracle Ingredients

This all-natural protocol introduced by Josh Parker against herpes, is a life changer and a life savior. With this one time cycle, you will reap benefits for your whole lifetime. It will bring back the quality and vigor of your life, which was stolen by the terrible herpes virus. Your life will change for good and you will once again feel confident about yourself.

This protocol utilizes one of the most groundbreaking methods of treatment available in the medical industry. It uses the epigenetic approach of treatment, in which an external trigger turns a genetic switch on or off according to the requirement and need of the hour.

All you need to do is prepare the miraculous drink as directed in the protocol, full of the three anti-viral beneficial ingredients and you will start seeing the power of the super-three right away, with complete projection within first 7 days.

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  • Quercetin

Quercetin occurs naturally in tomatoes, red onions, and leafy green kale. Its special trait is the fact that is fatal not only for HSV strain 1 but also for strain 2, hence destroying all possible form of Herpes Simplex Virus in your body to give you a herpes free life.

  • Curcumin

Curcumin is a natural molecule that is the basic building block of the spice turmeric. It is also the most vital ingredient to the Herpes Blitz Protocol. Turmeric is one of nature’s most strong and efficient anti-viral and anti-bacterial product. Hence, it is more than capable of killing the dreaded herpes virus and getting rid of it completely.

  • Resveratrol

The last but not the least important ingredient is resveratrol. It is naturally found in all kinds of berries including mulberries, blueberries, and grapes. It’s naturally capable of stopping an abnormal or harmful cell from replicating by destroying the protein factor responsible for replication. This stops the HSV from spreading across the body.

How Does Herpes Blitz Protocol Work?

The program works in two stages to completely treat and eliminate HSV once and for all from the body.

Stage 1: The Search

In this stage, you will search the protocol guidebook for a delicious smoothie recipe that is best suitable for you and that is to be consumed daily for 7 days. The smoothies mentioned in this protocol will weaken the base protein called LSD-1 of the HSV and will eliminate its activity from the body.

Stage 2: The Destruction

In this stage of the program, you will be required to follow a 21-day set plan, which will strengthen your immune system. This will set the foundation for the fact that if ever the virus enters your body again, the body’s natural defense system is all set to destroy it, even before it starts infecting.

What Makes Herpes Blitz Protocol Even More Rewarding?

Another amazing feature that makes this product stand out is that unlike other products present in the market that claim to eliminate herpes, this protocol is very light on the pocket and comparatively way cheaper than other possible cures. This product is available online for purchase from all across the globe.

It also comes along with a 60-day money back guarantee, in case you are not seeing any results or are not satisfied with the product’s performance. This also ensures that you are getting your money’s worth and that this program is actually working to deliver its groundbreaking results.

Another add-on bonus to this already sweet deal is that you will also receive two free guides if you decide to purchase this product from the official website. The freebies, if bought separately can cost you quite some amount in comparison to getting them as a bonus.

  1. The Sex Drive Simulator

Research and studies, as well as personal experiences, have concluded that once a patient comes under treatment for the herpes virus, his or her sex drive loses its vigor and this affects the individual in a very negative manner. The individual becomes under influence of inferiority complex where they feel embarrassed about their own selves.

They also lose their normal energy levels and are demotivated. This protocol helps them in recovering their natural sexual strength whether it be a man or woman. It contains natural aphrodisiacs as well as intimacy inducers that help you in returning to your natural drive levels.

  1. The Immune Protection Protocol

With this bonus item, you take your first step towards a stronger immunity system. It is a 14-day schedule that will help and aid you in building a much stronger immune system. One has to carefully follow the instructions and steps mentioned and in just two weeks you will feel a renewed strength.

Common infections such as flu, cold, and sore throat will not be able to affect your body. This protocol additionally has 25 delicious recipes that will further enhance your body’s defense mechanism.

Way Forward

After reading the overview of Herpes Blitz Protocol, you must have realized that it’s an all-natural solution to treat HSV, without any side effects or consumption of pills and capsules. For individuals who have spent thousands of dollars on the expensive treatments for herpes available in the market, and are still suffering from it to no avail, this protocol is the knight in shining armor.

It’s a simple diet plan with no extreme measures that can effectively get rid of herpes. With this protocol, all you can lose is the HSV virus and not your money. Adding to its greatness and authenticity, this risk-free investment also comes with a money-back guarantee. Place your order today without any hesitation and enjoy a trouble-free life.