So the part of your lives where your friends are your primary life is over. Hours spend on end cramming textbooks is behind you. No more eyeing that crush from the class next door, no more spending nights texting about your next group meetup, no more cafeteria bunks. You’re all grown up, you’ve just graduated, and you know that the real challenges are only going to start now. Adulthood is like that; someone smacks you out of your daze unexpectantly and now your shoulders carry tons more of work.

But before setting out to hunt for a job, it would be a better idea to step into another city, another country, another continent. Travel alone and figure some things out before zipping straight into the job phase. Or perhaps go for a job abroad. Wondering why? Research backs the many benefits that traveling solo in your early twenties carries. Let’s explore a few reasons why you should decide to travel to your favorite destination once graduation is a worry and excitement of the recent past.

It allows you to take a breath

That one is a no-brainer. Done with studying for so many years of life, your freedom is finely here. Don’t listen to people when they tell you to kickstart your job plans right away. Live in the moment. At 22, immediately jumping into hours and hours of work at your job place might not be a great idea. Destress yourself. Travel solo and open up your mind. Take a break from everything that holds you back aka responsibilities.

You gain experience

Sure, your job will give you a taste of workload which also counts as experience in your resume but traveling gives you experiences several times more precious. On a vacation, you meet new people and you learn new cultures. Your memories and what you learn here weigh a lot more than a job ever might. If you bag a job, no matter how small, in another country, this would be even better. Because that way you get to fill your CV too.

You get to figure things out

So many of us are unsure about which direction they want to next move in. Travelling can help straighten your perspective of what you want in and from life. Rushing into finding a job that you might not enjoy can backfire eventually. While travelling, you can ponder over and decide what you want next. With how travel works to rewire your brain in a positive manner, you learn not just about your own passions, but several other lessons as well that can help you figure yourself out as a person.

You can live on a budget

After growing old, you might not like the idea of travelling with limited finances. This is the time that you won’t regret doing so. In fact, early twenties are just the perfect time for learning to live with less in the pocket. It will teach you how to save and other aspects of money expenditure and management. You can bag the best deals, live in dorm rooms, share the same bathrooms, eat out at cheap street side shops. You get to see the world without having to spend more.

You have minimal responsibilities

Several people recommend travelling after retiring when everything is settled. But you’ve not seen the future and reality says that for most the older they get, the tougher it gets. In this moment, you sure have duties but these are at their least right now. They’ll keep increasing. You’re young, be young, act young. Every age comes only once, and if you miss an opportunity then, it’s gone for good. So pack your bags and get ready.

You get to meet new people

Travelling to another country means talking to strangers. While bad experiences are common too, look at the bright side. Most of the times people meet their soulmates, best friends, lovers, or just some of the most amazing people they have ever met when sauntering around the streets of another country. Your bond with these people is going to last, you get to grow connections, and socialize more. It’s always better to have friends who come from several different backgrounds.

You get to smoothly transition into the real world

Travelling alone after graduation opens your eyes to the real world. When you look for ways to live out of a backpack and live a not-so-luxurious life in a country that you don’t belong to, you learn a lot. You see the real world and how you can only rely on yourself. You need to have your back at all moments, be smart, and that slowly yet smoothly marks your transition to the world of an adult who doesn’t have parents or friends around all the time. It’s like starting anew.

That said, travelling brings a lot of amazing learning with itself. It’s a lovely experience that you won’t regret. You get to take pictures and make memories that are sure to last a lifetime. With every day that unfolds, you have more and more stories that you can pass around. In short, travelling grows you as a person in more ways than one.