Jeffree Star is being criticized online for his unpopular opinion. The makeup mogul took to social media to blame Jordyn Woods. In a rather sassy video, Star took a moment to share his annoyance over the Jordyn and Tristan drama which has been the biggest story of Hollywood for the last two weeks. He then went on to accuse the model of lying.

As per Jeffree Star, Woods lied on Red Table Talks. He said, “Jordyn really just said that on the way out of Tristan’s house, he kissed her on the mouth. That is a m************ lie. Y’all have been hooking up for a month or two. The whole city of Calabasas knows it.”

“Y’all have been hooking up for a while. It finally came out. You’re f****** shook that the truth’s out, and you’re trying to save your ass, girl.” OKAY, WHAT? Of course, as soon as this video came out, fans went into a crazed frenzy. Who’s lying and who’s speaking the truth? The majority is siding up with Jordyn Woods though.


People think Jaffree Star is a “lying racist” who is just trying to stay “relevant.” One person on Twitter wrote, “He a liar and a racist. So I don’t believe him.” Another person tweeted, “What do you expect from a racist who calls black people the N word to say about a black woman. Of course, not the truth so sheesh.”



Oops! Before sending out this video, Star also gave a shut-up call to Khloe Kardashian. He tweeted, “Learn to co-parent on a healthy level and stop acting like your man isn’t trash either… thank you, now shut the fuck up. – The World” This tweet, though, was widely appreciated.

To recap, this Friday we saw what Jordyn Woods had to say about the whole situation involving her and Tristan Thompson. She appeared on the Red Table Talks show with Jada Pinkett Smith in which she explained the part that she played in the whole drama. The 21-year-old model made one thing clear – she didn’t intentionally break any hearts.

Woods insisted that everything that had happened on that awful Sunday had been blown out of proportion – she hadn’t made out with Tristan, given him a lap dance or spent the night with him. The only mistake she had made was that she didn’t think twice about going to his home at a late party. The NBA player leaned down to kiss her without an open invitation, a move that left Woods confused as well.

She also admitted that she made a second mistake which was not opening up about what had happened with Khloe Kardashian. The reason? She only wanted to protect the 34-year-old’s feelings. The consequences of her innocuous wrong-doings were pretty dirty. However, after revealing all these details to Jada, people have been teaming up with Jordy and hopefully things have gotten better for her.